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4 Spammy SEO tactics you should avoid at best

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SEO works best for developing efficient website recognition. What if the company is implementing spammy SEO tactics on your website? Certainly, it will not create the pace yet cause its downgrade. Therefore, the quality of the SEO Services matters. Let’s check which tactics to avoid.

Keyword Stuffing 

Keywords’ plugging; you often have seen the repetition of the words in the web content. In the beginning, websites with more keyword-fueled content rank higher.

Albeit, over time, this fact changed; however, many still practice this tactic. There are rules of keywords positioning matching keywords appropriate usage through the content/ page. Still, wadding the keywords will only be the forcemeat for the website, doing no good, rather weakening the rankings. Search engine ultimately catches them and take serious actions against them of banning or penalizing.

Content Duplication 

Content is introducing the business to the visitors who come to visit the website. Thus, it should be of high quality and original to the business niche. However,

  • Publishing the twofold content (copying from other websites) or tweaking it a little bit.
  • Using the same content for all the webpages or some part of the website.

All these tactics are spams. What normally happens is that such websites get penalized. Therefore, pay close attention to the website content. Further, hire a web content specialist or SEO Services like Navicosoft for genuine and catchy business story creation.

Shabby Link Building 

In order to rank the website high, even momentarily, people create spammy backlinks. For instance, connecting lower-quality content with irrelevant and low-authority websites just to build links is spam.


Interstitials are the advertisements that pop up when an internet user enters the website (just after loading). However, you should not house plenty of such advertisements; otherwise, they become intrusive. Moreover, they devalue the displaying page and often irritate the users. Eventually, it resulted in a low-class user experience by not letting the users navigate through the website and include it into spam.

Why employ Spammy SEO tactics when playing with the rules is best to secure the website’s overall reputation. Partner with Navicosoft for Best SEO Services and crystal clear your website from spam.


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