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4 Reasons It Is Advisable to Buy an Inverter with Battery for Home

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Today we are dependent on electricity for a plethora of things. From the moment we wake up till we go to bed and even while we are asleep, a number of electrical appliances are at use to make our life easy. In such a scenario, going a day or even a few hours without electricity can be taxing. This is what makes power backup solutions like inverters a must-have. 

But inverters alone cannot get the job done. They need batteries to work. Inverter batteries store electricity and allow the inverter to supply power backup at the time of an outage. This is why it is important to get a battery and inverter combo for your home. But what are the features that you need to look for while getting an inverter with battery? Read on to find out. 

  1. Choose Tubular Batteries 

When you’re choosing an inverter with battery, it is advisable to get tubular batteries. Tubular batteries are known to provide longer power backups and also offer a prolonged service life. Moreover, these batteries require minimum effort in terms of maintenance and need fewer water top-ups too. 

In addition to this, tubular batteries are also more reliable and come with a longer warrantee than flat plate batteries. 

  1. Be Mindful of the Capacity 

When you’re buying an inverter with battery, the capacity of the battery plays an important role. It refers to the the number of hours it would last on a single charge.  

You can even use a load calculator to get a clear idea of the power requirements of your home. 

  1. Warranty Plays an Important Role

The warranty provided on your battery is an important factor that should help you in making your decision. A long warrantee period ensures that you don’t have to pay any extra amount in case your battery stops working or gets damaged. Many reputed brands in the market offer impressive warranties on their products. 

For example, the LM 18075 battery from Luminous comes with a warranty of 75* months. (60+15 of months which implies it has a flat warranty of 60 months and a pro-rata warranty of 15 additional months)

  1. Safety First 

When it comes to electrical appliances, it is important to get a battery that comes with all the necessary safety features. Few of the most important safety features that you need to look for while buying an inverter with battery are – overload recognition, deep discharge, short-circuit protection, reverse polarity & input mains protection through MCB.

These features ensure that your inverters are safe for use and can be used in your homes without any worries. 

A battery is essentially the powerhouse of your inverter and this is why you must invest in a good quality battery. Without an effective battery, even the most efficient inverters cannot perform to the best of their abilities. 

Another tip would be to always choose inverters with batteries from renowned brands like Luminous. Luminous is known for providing excellent, high quality products and impressive warrantee periods. Moreover, at Luminous, you can easily find several inverter and batteries in your price range. So, wait no more, head to their website today to get your hands on the best inverter with battery combo for yourself.


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