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4 Mandatory Hosting Features for Enterprises

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Hosting Features for Enterprises – The best web hosting features for enterprises depend upon the needs of the company. Navicosoft is one of the best web hosting companies, providing the most flexible web hosting services according to user’s needs. Whether you are running a small enterprise or a large enterprise, we offer you everything according to your requirements.

Here are some of the necessary hosting features for enterprises that you should expect in a web hosting plan regardless of business type. It will help you narrow down your criteria for the best web hosting by considering only four essential features for the hosting plan of enterprises.


A fast page loading time holds great significance for a positive user experience. If your website loading takes too much time, your user will move on to a different website. It will eventually put you at a loss. Moreover, a website’s performance has a huge impact on SEO. The algorithm of Google penalizes slow-loading websites hence dropping their ranking in search engines.

Best web hosting company carefully manages the servers’ speed and availability as their top priority. Furthermore, a 99.9% guarantee uptime has become a standard among the hosting providers. While considering hosting features for enterprises, the company should use a robust content delivery network and state-of-the-art servers. The top providers offer several performance choices, among various web hosting options.


A small business website should be secure enough to protect the company’s data and customers. The best web hosting companies prefer complete security and offer features to help you secure your website from getting hacked.

Website security is essential for SEO and ranking algorithm favoring HTTPS sites. The hosting features for enterprises should include access to affordable SSL certificates. Entrepreneurs can select a shared WordPress hosting plan for providing additional WordPress’s robust security features, along with plug-in security tools for spam filtering and malware scanning.

Ease of use

A good hosting provider helps you create and manage the website. The hosting plans should allow you to have access to the website builder, and the hosting provider should give you access to WordPress’s latest version. 

Communication with the employees and customers is an important part of business success. It should be affordable and easy to add email hosting to use your domain, considering it part of your business email address. In addition, the option to use your office tools along with your hosting plan is another feature that providers must offer.

Low cost

Web hosting gives small business owners an advantage to choose from differently priced services. Web hosting does have to be expensive for it to be the best. One computer can easily run multiple websites on one shared hosting service model. It has become a new standard in the industry which is a very affordable choice for many small business owners. Moreover, users do not need to worry since shared hosting is reliable, secure, and scalable, especially for budget-conscious entrepreneurs. After some time, if hosting needs change, the user can switch to a VPS hosting option providing dedicated server resources.

Choose Navicosoft for Hosting Service?

Navicosoft provides you the best web hosting features for enterprises. Moreover, we offer fast web hosting, free SSL certificate, regular backups, and 99.9% uptime. Navicosoft ensures to deliver you perfection in every aspect of your website. Whether it is speed, security, or uptime, we provide the most secured plans. 


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