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4 Industries Where Video Marketing is Becoming a Hallmark of Success

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Video is helping brands cut through the noise & create a more excellent connection with the prospects. In this article, we will explore the four industries where video marketing is becoming a success. 

As trained sellers, solution consultants don’t interact with the customers through direct marketing but rather depend on a more indirect approach to reach out to their target audiences. While there are plenty of ways how sales consultants are hooking the audiences, video marketing is one of the top ways how current marketers are generating effective leads. Lately, the surge of video marketing has given us all so much to talk about. 

Videos bring two things together like nothing else: movement & noise. Both the features play an important role in delivering a brand message effectively to their desired target audience. Our brain is fine-tuned to love videos because it retains visual content more effectively compared to written content. The mind can retain 95% of the information watched, whereas only 10% of the information is retained when it is read. 

Such is the power of video content, and it’s one of the reasons why it is massively being adopted. 

While there are plenty of industries that are adopting the power of video marketing practices, here are the top 4, which I believe are becoming a hallmark of success in the online world. 

So without further ado, let’s check out these four industries and see how they are benefiting from them. 

Videos in Healthcare 

Back in 2020 – the healthcare organization as a whole published more than 268 videos on average. That’s approximately 87% more videos in the sector compared to the year 2019. So without a doubt, if there’s one place video marketing has seen a surge, it’s none other but the healthcare industry. Self-care and personal awareness are the two areas where healthcare organizations have massively made investments. 

Healthcare organizations are constantly producing some great quality videos that are engaging and taking a different approach to address the problems and provide proper solutions. 

For instance, Mayo Clinic is using bite-sized 60-second video clips to discuss some of the common health issues, and while doing so, they cover a wide range of topics, including something as meager as peanut allergies, treating headaches & even ways to combat the common cold. Similarly, Medical Realities offers 360-degree operation simulation videos from the Royal London Hospital, where the experience allows viewers to take a look around the operating room. It even switches views from doctor to patient. 

Videos in Real Estate Marketing 

Video has definitely scored a home run in the real estate industry. When purchasing a property, people are emotionally involved. Besides, when making a big investment such as purchasing land, whether it be commercial or residential, people often face the challenge of choosing between budget & dreams. Video marketing in the real estate sector provides the required push for customers to take the leap.  

Real estate agents are creating video walk-throughs where they are able to talk about the different home’s features, the home’s location, and other such facets. With tracking software, they are able to get real-time alerts when buyers are taking an interest in their services and feel comfortable in purchasing a home with them. Besides, video is versatile and abundantly used in cold-outreach emails, animated social media videos, follow-up videos, property video tours, and many other marketing avenues. 

Videos in Financial Services 

There exists an information gap between the two generations of financial advisors. While a major chunk of experienced individuals exists in an age group beyond 50, only a few handfuls of financial advisors are standing at the age of 30 or less. In short, financial advisors and the younger generations are finding a significant gap in relating to each other, and therefore, they are struggling with establishing proper trust & relationships. However, things are dramatically changing, even for the finance industry entering 2021. 

In adopting video marketing, the video creation for the financial industry saw a significant increase of up to 129% in the year 2020 as compared to 2019. And the numbers are expected to increase onwards.

Today, video is helping organizations and advisors to create more transparency in relationships. It is helping magnificently in explaining the complex financial products & methodologies to investors & youth. 

Videos in Education 

Last but not least, video has taken the education industry by storm.  

Compared to the year 2019, the figures doubled for video creations in the education industry in 2020. With COVID 19 taking the captain’s deck, there’s no doubt that videos were far more abundantly used than before. 

Most of the videos published during the pandemic were asynchronous videos used to support on-demand conversation with students and parents. Video did become a popular tool for recruitments. 

The five common ways how video is helping the education industry grow are, 

  • It is helping students and teachers to record lessons and share among themselves. 
  • It is creating ease in providing assignment instructions with better clarity. 
  • It is helping in sending out the right message through question/answer sessions. 
  • It is helping in making class announcements through video channels. 
  • It is helping students to provide tutorials of practical lessons. 

In a Nutshell 

Implementation of video marketing in different industries is far and vast. And the industries covered aren’t even half of where video marketing is creating a major impact. Ask any animated video production on which areas are capitalizing the most on video production and you will find plenty of options. From explainer video animations to social videos and much more, video marketing has increased in popularity over time. Do you know some areas where video marketing is creating an impact? Share it with us. 


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