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4 Historic Comebacks in NFL History

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Throughout the rich history of the NFL, there have been instances where teams have surpassed all odds and orchestrated incredible comebacks. From unlikely come-from-behind victories to breathtaking turnarounds, these historic feats have amazed fans all over the world. This article examines the greatest memorable comebacks in NFL history, guaranteed to leave you speechless.

It is amazing to see how much the NFL game has changed when you look at some of the greatest comebacks in its history. Thanks to advanced analytics and NFL computer picks, fans now have access to valuable insights on team performance, player stats, and historical data.

It is pretty awesome how technology has enhanced our understanding of the game! These invaluable resources help fans make predictions for betting and deepen their appreciation for football.

With that said, take a good look at some of the NFL’s most epic comebacks over the years, celebrating unforgettable moments of resilience.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Indianapolis Colts (December 17, 2022)

Have you ever heard of the expression “pulling a Vikings”?

It basically means coming out on top against overwhelming odds. This saying originated from the Minnesota Vikings, who have a reputation for losing games they were expected to win.

The Indianapolis Colts game witnessed them doing exactly that.

The Vikings had a rough beginning, trailing 33–0 at halftime. This was their worst half of the season.

It seemed like they were heading toward their third loss in five games. However, they surprised everyone with an incredible comeback, winning 39–36 in overtime against the Indianapolis Colts. This victory could easily be considered one of the most remarkable comebacks in NFL history.

The Colts’ postseason dreams were dashed by the Vikings. They ended the season with a seven-game losing skid. In contrast, the Vikings won two of their next three games to finish 13–4 and secure the third seed in the NFC playoffs.

Buffalo Bills vs. Houston Oilers (January 3, 1993)

Thirty years ago this year, the Bills broke the hearts of the Oilers’ fans by pulling off one of the biggest comebacks in NFL history. The Oilers’ 1993 AFC wild-card playoff loss to the Buffalo Bills remains the most heartbreaking defeat in the history of Houston sports.

What did the Oilers do? The team gave up a 32-point lead.

The Oilers were dominating the Bills, leading 35–3 in the early stages of the third quarter. However, as the quarter came to a close, the Oilers faced difficulties sustaining their initial dominance and were unable to keep the Bills’ resurgent offense under control. The Bills won in overtime on a field goal.

Cleveland Browns vs. Tennessee Titans (October 5, 2014)

On October 5, 2014, the Cleveland Browns and the Tennessee Titans faced off in an intriguing NFL regular-season game. Despite being behind by 25 points, the Browns rallied to win 29–28, stunning both the Titans and their supporters.

The Titans held a dominating advantage at the end of the first half. The Browns then scored 26 unanswered points. At the 1:09 mark, Brian Hoyer achieved a remarkable comeback by throwing a 6-yard touchdown pass to Travis Benjamin.

The Titans’ loss sparked various opinions. For instance, the offense lost its momentum after a strong start. Another possible reason is that the defense was unable to prevent the Browns from gaining momentum. Coach Ken’s decision-making and clock management also raised some doubts.

Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers (October 15, 2012)

The Chargers began the game strong, with quarterback Philip Rivers leading the team’s offense down the field and establishing an early lead. Peyton Manning, the Broncos’ quarterback, struggled against the Chargers’ defense. This forced him to make some incomplete passes and sacks.

But Peyton Manning’s offense wasted no time in getting into gear and started racking up points for the Broncos. The game became even after he connected with wide receiver Demaryius Thomas for a touchdown pass. The Broncos furthered their advantage when their defense stepped up and prevented the Chargers from increasing their lead.

The Chargers displayed great resilience. However, the Broncos ultimately emerged as the triumphant team. Despite facing a 24-point deficit, the Broncos managed to completely reverse the game’s outcome, concluding with a final score of 35–24.

Reflecting on Unforgettable NFL Comebacks

Looking back through NFL history, we have seen several thrilling finishes and remarkable comebacks that have left us speechless. It is safe to expect that more of these amazing moments are on the way, potentially even in the forthcoming games next week.


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