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4 Family Portrait Painting Styles

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When it comes to choosing from family portrait ideas there are diverse choices to opt for? Portrait paintings can be the best treasures for your family, so why not try something new which is although not traditional but will add a personalized touch to the premium paintings. Choose a reputed photo to painting service in tune with your needs.

Given in the blog below is some of the popular portrait painting ideas for families that you can choose from. These are the best way to preserve happy memories artfully.

Traditional and classic portrait style

Since the time unknown you must have noticed painted versions of family portraits. Well, in these pictures the members used to be in a poised demeanor. These are traditional forms of family portraits which has been a favorite of customers. Traditional, classic family is typically meant for weddings or when a child is born in the family.

Fantasy Art Portraiture

This is also another form of family portraiture in which fantasy or whimsical portraits are painted along with young subjects. Fantasy paintings focus on translating daydreams into art. Think about Jedi Knights to fairytale princess, these fantasy paintings are a hot favorite among children.

Lifestyle Family Portraits

Lifestyle family portraits are an emerging style among young couples and families who do not want to take the traditional path. These are all about infusing traditional portraits with a more candid feel. Lifestyle portraits have relaxed feel and mostly focuses on family relationships.

Storytelling style portrait

Documentary family portraits draw upon the rich history of the family. Storytelling style focuses on a natural and spontaneous picture of the family along with appropriate background and light. In such pictures there is no posing, props or manipulation of the setting.

If you have a lot of family pictures around or want to restore an old photo onto a painting then opt for the reputed and premium photo to painting service. Here the artists can transform your pictures into beautiful works of art for cost-effective rates.


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