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4 Different Steps in Opening a Metatrader4 Account

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Metatrader4 is one of the most commonly used applications if you wish to utilize most of your gadgets as you perform your trades.  If you are thinking of trying this app for convenience,  then this article is just the right reading material for you as we aim to focus on imparting the essential steps that you need to do in order to make the most out of this application. 

The nature of MT4

MT4 is a trading platform that can be downloaded for free. It is specifically designed to aid forex and other traders through the provision of charts and other tools for financial market analysis. In addition, MT4 can also be used for mobile and signal trading.  According to long-time users of the platform,  MT4 has a user-friendly interface that enables almost all traders of varying skill levels to easily understand how it functions. 

What Happens after downloading?

Once you have installed the platform on your respective gadgets, the next thing to do is to open an account. For newbies,  it is important to know that the platform offers two different types of accounts for the users. These accounts are the demo account and the real or live accounts.  What is the difference between the two account types?  a good question isn’t it?  Both the demo account and real or live account have distinct purposes and if you wish to make the most out of the advantages of this platform,  we suggest that traders with zero to very little knowledge of trading should start by opening a demo account. 

What are demo accounts? 

These accounts are also known as training or practice accounts.  They are accounts that mimic the actual movement of the assets in the market but it does not require you to use real money as you place your trades.  Real or live accounts on the other hand are accounts that enable you to earn a profit because they actually let you perform your trades in the real market. 

Server Selection

Servers are virtual locations that allow you to trade. They work as your niche when placing your trade. As soon as you have downloaded the application,  you will be prompted to a server selection option and you would expect to see Addresses of available servers, their names, and ping on your screen. When picking your server,  experts suggest that you look for the server with the least ping and get into that server.

Pick your account type

Once you have picked your server. The next thing to do is to decide whether you go live or demo.  One you have reached this stage. Your screen will show three options namely existing trade account,  new demo account, and new real account. 

Encoding Personal Details

As soon as you pick your preferred account type, the personal details section will be prompted on your screen.  This section will ask you personal details such as Name, E-mail, Phone, Account Type Deposit, Currency, and Leverage. When encoding your details, make sure that you memorize or you take note of the things. That you write as you may have problems logging in. If you make a mistake or forget any of these entries Metatrader4.


Based on the enumerated procedures on how to open a Metatrader4 account.  We can say that getting started with this platform I quite simple as you only need to download it. Select a server, pick account type, encode your personal details. And then you are good to go with your plans and position.


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