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4 Day Power Muscle Burn Workout Split

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Is your fitness regime failing short of correct exercise that helps build up muscles effectively? Building muscles and strength together would help get effective results. The burn sets, power sets, and muscles set should be the correct training approach to work on your body structure and give suitable results. How to achieve your goals?

If in search of a personal trainer to assist you in your muscle build-up journey, a split type of workout would be suitable to pick to start with. When you work with a professional personal trainer at Canary Wharf, the training style and correct workout time can make a huge difference.

Day 1 – Biceps and Chest

  • On the first day, for power build-up – 4 sets of Bench press and 4 sets of pinwheel curls with 3 to 5 reps
  • For muscles, incline bench press and dumbbell bench press with standing barbell curl with 2 to 3 sets in 6 to 12 reps are perfect
  • Try cable preacher curl and dumbbell fly of 1 to 2 sets in 40 reps for effective muscle burn

Day 2 Rest

Day 3 – Hamstrings and Quads

  • Do squat and Romanian deadlift for 2 to 4 sets in 3 to 5 reps
  • For muscles, leg press front squat and leg curl would be perfect in 2 to 3 sets for 6 to 12 reps
  • For muscle burn, leg curl and leg press for 6 to 12 reps would be perfect

Day 4 – Triceps and Shoulders

  • Close-grip bench press and seated barbell press for power in 4 and 2 sets from 3 to 5 reps
  • Seated Arnold press, barbell front raise and French press with EZ bar skullcrusher would help build up muscle with 2 sets each
  • For burn muscles, one set of cable triceps in 40 reps would be suitable

Day 5 Rest

Day 6 – Abs, Calves and Back

  • 2 to 4 sets of the deadlift in 3 to 5 reps would be perfect for power build-up
  • Lat pull down, barbell rows, and seated calf raises for 2 to 3 sets in 3 to 5 reps except for calf raise that requires 10 to 15 rep for results
  • In addition, do calf raise in 45 degrees 2 sets in 40 reps

However, the second and fifth days would be off for better results and help gain strength.

To enjoy these, you can seek assistance from Reece Mander to guide you with the best supplement and diet plan for the best results. It would take help with a holistic approach in going through a fitness journey and benefit from it. She stands out to be a trusted and professional source of a personal trainer at Canary Wharf.


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