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4 Cost Effective Ways That Will Increase Your Property Value

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Real estate is one of the most valuable commodities in the world today. The world’s not getting any bigger, even though demands for land certainly are. Although sellers should be expecting favorable conditions in the market, the reality is that any improvements that can be made to a property which increases its value in the eyes of potential buyers is going to be greatly appreciated, especially if only a modest resource investment is required. Here are 4 cost-effective ways you can increase your property value.

Get a Good Paint Job

Humans are very visual creatures and even small imperfections tend to be noticed. This isn’t always a bad thing, since imperfections can add character to a property, but usually if a painted surface is chipped or faded, it’s not going to look good to homebuyers, since it gives the impression that a property has not been well-maintained.

Commonly painted surfaces such as railings, doors, walls, and staircases should receive a touch-up in under-maintained areas to give them a new, fresh look. This advice becomes much more pertinent when dealing with the exterior of a property, which is going to be the first thing potential buyers see when house hunting. If it’s been a couple decades since the outside was last painted, offers probably aren’t going to be flooding in. Since no real structural overhauls are necessary, repainting in a quick, easy, and relatively cheap way to make your property much more desirable.

Install Pool Fencing

Not all properties have a pool, but for those that do, pool fencing is an important addition that increases safety and provides a professional, conscientious feel to any pool environment. Pool injuries are relatively common, especially among children. For potential buyers that have kids, safety is going to be a high priority and while a pool has the ability to provide a great deal of family fun, if it’s perceived as a possible hazard, it’s going to be a definite impediment to getting offers.

Fencing provides the necessary safety measures to prevent accidental injury. It’s also reasonably priced and comes in many different sizes and patterns, which can be used to enhance the aesthetic of any piece of real estate.

Do a Little Landscaping

Speaking of aesthetics, one of the best ways to improve the look of your property is to engage in a little landscaping. Obviously, if you use a professional landscaping service, things might start to get a little pricey, but the reality is that even amateur landscaping can be extremely cost-effective and enhances visual appeal.

Lawns should be well-maintained, weeds should be kept in check, and visually stimulating vegetation, such as flowers or shrubs, should be placed in key locations. Windows and walkways typically provide excellent spaces where plants can add a significant degree of character to a property.

Planting trees is also a great choice for both landscaping and improving property values. They are a good temperature control measure, encourage a healthy ecosystem, and often provide some degree of protection for a property. However, depending on whether you plan to hold onto your property for a long time or a short while, tree planting might not be a viable option as it takes several years for it to take effect in most cases.

Eliminate Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are typically installed in homes and other properties as a noise-cancelling measure. Although somewhat effective, they are reviled by a great number of people for being ugly or otherwise tacky and outdated. Some people won’t notice them and even among those who don’t like them, it might not be a deal-breaker, but realistically it’s not going to be a good look in the eyes of a lot of buyers who might hold it against a property’s value.

Unless you have a good reason to keep it, it’s important to eliminate any popcorn ceilings you have as soon as possible. Fortunately, popcorn ceiling removal is simple and easy as all it really requires is for you to scrape it away and then re-plaster on top. Fair warning though, it can get petty messy!

Increasing Your Property Value

Increasing the worth of your property is important and although many home improvements are on the expensive side, the reality is that lots of changes can be made without severely impacting your wallet. Many improvements are simple, especially when it comes to the physical appearance of a property, and although they may seem small, they can make a significant difference to outside observers.


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