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4 Causes of Poor Performance in Crystal Reports

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Poor Performance in Crystal Reports – After months of hard work, you finally prepare your crystal report. Unexpectedly, your report’s runtime can go from twenty seconds to two hours. This situation is very common since every Crystal Report developer has some of the most frustrating aspects. Fortunately, there are ways to fix Poor Performance in Crystal Reports.

You can tackle this problem by finding reliable Crystal Reports hosting. Navicosoft offers Crystal Reports hosting with a standard Windows hosting package. We provide Crystal Reports hosting with the latest Plesk Control Panel for all the Windows hosting packages. It means your Crystal Reports will run smoothly without any issues.

Here are some credible causes of poor performance in Crystal reports and how you can moderate their effects.

The Database Set Up

The Database setup might not be within your control to change since they do not ideally set up. Two top contenders are:

  • Indexed fields have some colored markers.
  • A view is a collection of tables for simplifying data for end-users.

The only way to handle it is to avoid report on the tables which make the view. You can identify if the source of a field is a view or table with the help of a Database Expert, which lists them separately. In order to find which tables make the view is even trickier since you need the help of the database documentation. In addition, by using the Oracle database and turning off the case-sensitive option, you can speed up reporting times. But you will have to rewrite the existing report.  

Excessive Use of Sub Reports

Every subreport is another individual report accessing the database. Hence, it will run on every record of the main report loads if the subreport is in the detail section. Even if it is in the group section, the sub-report will run numerous times. Therefore report sections are the ideal place for sub-report since they will run only one time. But as far as performance is related, it will still run one crystal report as two.

Hence, the best way is to cancel the performance issue is to simply not use them. Most of the sub-reports are not even necessary, and you can achieve the same results by using other methods through grouping or formulas.

Using the wrong ODBC driver

ODBC drivers help to attach Crystal Reports with the database. There are numerous ODBC drivers working for a particular database. The only way to test is to run the report with suitable ODBC drivers and see the efficiency. ODBC driver with the association of software is usually the best option. It eradicates all the chances of poor performance in Crystal Reports.

Record Selection

When a code for record selection is correctly written, Crystal Reports pass all the logic to the database like SQL. Hence it only returns the essential data. If the record selection is not SQL friendly way, Crystal Reports brings all the data back to filter it locally. It is drastically slower if calculated on the database.

By using the Record Selector Expert, everything becomes efficient, and filters are evaluated on the database. An additional point making some difference is the scheduling time of the report to run. Heavy database usage or traffic can impact the running time. Working on this aspect can enhance the efficiency of slow-running reports. Building your reports with this can save you from the redevelopment.

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