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4 cake recipes for your sweet tooth

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200 g of digestive oatmeal biscuits
1 egg
70g butter
120 g chocolate fondant
120 g milk chocolate
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
3 gelatin sheets
75 ml of water
200 ml of whipping cream
We start this recipe by preparing the base of the cake. To do this, we crush the cookies and mix them with the butter, previously melted. We must mix until obtaining a homogeneous paste.

Once this is done, we place the cookie mixture in a mold that can be disassembled. Press with the help of a spoon, so that the base remains evenly. Then we put everything in the microwave at maximum power for 3 minutes.

On the other hand, we can already make the chocolate filling. To do this, we put the chocolate in a saucepan so that it melts in a water bath . We chop it up and let it melt well. Then we add a teaspoon of sugar with a little vanilla.

During this time, we put the gelatin in water so that it hydrates well. When they are soft, drain it and dissolve it in 75 ml of hot water. Then we add the dissolved gelatin to the chocolate and mix everything very well. We reserve outside the fire to warm it up.

The next step is to whip the cream. To do this, we mix the same with the choclate with enveloping movements. Then we assemble the chocolate cake. To do this, we pour the mixture on the base of cookies and put everything in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4 hours. After this time, we remove and unmold. Decorate to taste and that’s it.


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