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4 Awesome Reasons to Move to Southern California

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Maybe you’re excited to rub shoulders with the rich and famous in LA. Or perhaps you just want to move somewhere sunny where you get to say “surf’s up” every day. Honestly, do you really need more reasons than these to move to Southern California?

Okay, okay, we guess you might. And if so, we have you covered. Read on for some sensible, adult reasons why it’s a good idea to pick up sticks to Cali’s sunniest side.

1. You’re Serious About Work

When it comes to living in California, Southern California, to be precise, people have a surprisingly sturdy work ethic. Sure, LA has always been the golden land of promise and opportunity for budding entertainment stars, but SoCal is also home to a thriving start-up and entrepreneurial culture.

It’s also the HQ for some of America’s biggest companies: Dole, Dreamworks, Mattel, Trader Joe’s, and Princess Cruise Lines, just to name a few. Finally, it has a thriving hospitality sector, boasting some of the trendiest restaurants in the country.

And best of all, despite people taking their work very seriously, the overall culture is pretty relaxed. No one blinks an eye if you hit the surf just minutes before turning up to work.

2. It’s Always Sunny in SoCal

Yes, it’s true. Southern California has some of the most fantastic weather in the United States. And that’s a totally legitimate reason for moving to California.

In fact, move to Los Angeles, and you’ll bask in full sun for almost 80 percent of your daylight hours. Winters are mild, and summer temperatures peak around 100 F. If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), Vitamin D deficiency, or just hate the cold, you’ll have no shortage of life-giving sun in Southern California.

Look for homes on luxury real estate sites like La Jolla. They focus on houses with lots of indoor-outdoor flow to really make the most of the endless summer.

3. You Love that Outdoor Life

Since it’s always sunny, almost all of the best places in California are outside. 

Of course, there are the beaches–famed sun and surf spots like Venice and Zuma or secret locales like Pirate’s Cove or Big Rock Beach. And then there are unrivaled hiking and adventure spots like Joshua Tree National Park.

The restaurants follow suits, with every eatery sporting al fresco dining. And high street shopping reigns queen over malls.

4. That Avocado Toast

When it comes to things to do in California related to food, you’ll never be at a loss. Visit the Pasadena farmer’s market, head to a Michelin-starred restaurant (LA alone has 24), or grab a beer from a local brewery and watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Oh, and don’t forget that Southern California is the birthplace of avocado toast! That’s not surprising since the state grows almost all of America’s avocados.

Planning a Move to Southern California?

Whether you love to surf, hike, and bike, or you’re more of a champagne-and-shop kind of person, a move to Southern California is for you. The sunny south is excellent for retirees, families, couples, and singles alike. Just be sure to check your math: SoCal is one of the places with the highest cost of living in America.

If you’re interested in more insights on moving within the USA, browse the other articles on our blog.


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