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4 Accessories to Carry with Your Gun Holster for Running

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Choosing a quality gun holster for running, such as the PT-One or PT-2 available at PistolWear.com, means you have considered the features important for carrying your firearm during activity Holsters like these were specifically designed with the needs of active individuals in mind, and when properly adjusted and secured, will not roll, bounce, or shift. These secure holsters will not reveal you are carrying a concealed handgun.

The PT-One and PT-2 are also extremely comfortable and made from high-quality materials. While the ability to carry a firearm while running is important for self-protection, several other items can prove to be useful. In addition to your preferred handgun, some other important accessories that you want to seriously consider pairing with your gun holster for running are listed below.

1. A spare magazine
A spare magazine should not be considered only as extra weight. In real-life situations, there can be equipment malfunctions, multiple threats, and accuracy may diminish in a stressful encounter. An empty chamber can mean the difference between life and death, and many running holsters have space specifically set aside for spare magazines. Make use of that space.

2. The right optics or attachments
You’ll also want to ensure that you carry the right attachments with your handgun. This will, of course, vary according to the size of your handgun, the dimensions of your holster, and for your intended uses. However, some running holsters can accommodate trigger-guard mounted lights and laser sights, both of which can be highly valuable in a confrontational situation, especially in low light conditions.

3. Your phone
You might not think of it as an important accessory to carry with your firearm, but your phone is a lifeline in many ways. If you need the assistance of law enforcement, your phone will be critical in getting help. Your phone also may give you the ability to connect to the internet, to call or help, to access a map and more. Many modern phones also offer certain valuable apps and features, like a light – which is something you also shouldn’t be without.

4. A flashlight
A flashlight can also be a very valuable tool in the dark, especially if you’re confronted. A light, first and foremost, can be used to confound and disorient a would-be assailant, giving you the element of surprise. A light can also be used to help you get your bearings if you get disoriented in the dark. They’re also lightweight and can be easily carried when you go for a jog.

5. Identification
There are several pieces of identification that are important to keep on your body while carrying concealed. Many states require a concealed carry permit to always be carried when you have your firearm. It may be useful to also have a picture ID such as your driver’s license. Depending on the location you are running in, you may want a credit or debit card or even cash.

6. Small first aid items
Whether you are road running or trail running, carrying some simple first aid items could be useful. Tripping and falling do happen, especially on uneven surfaces with rocks or exposed roots. Having a few bandages on hand may be helpful.

Carrying these accessories along with your concealed carry holster will only enhance your preparedness and better equip you to face whatever challenging scenarios present themselves. With them, you will be safer and better able to respond to changing circumstances.

Pistol Wear has created a line of holsters well suited for runners that can accommodate a large range of firearms, including full-size handguns. To learn more about the different styles of holsters available at Pistol Wear, visit PistolWear.com or contact their customer service team at 1-918-289-2976. You can also follow them on their social media accounts, Twitter and Facebook, to keep up-to-date on news and developments.

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