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Things You Were Doing The Whole Time With Your Lawyer Web Design

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Websites are critical to 21st-century legal consumers since nearly everyone is online and mobile, and your website is the virtual equivalent of your law firm’s front door. That’s why it’s critical that your law firm’s website is modern, attractive, and meets the expectations of today’s legal consumers.

The Big Problem With Small-Business Sites

Today, almost 1/3 of small-business owners maintain their websites themselves, neglecting essential site functions that consumers want. Some common small-business website mistakes include:

  • No call to action
  • Poor design
  • Time-consuming updates
  • No metrics
  • Poor SEO
  • No social media links
  • No mobile optimization
  • No designated IT person

Client expectations are changing, and so should the way your law firm deals with clients. Here are six common mistakes law firms are making with their client experience.

An Inconsistent Experience

When clients pay for a service, they expect (rightfully so) the same experience across the end-to-end journey, from sales to post-delivery. Every touchpoint with your client matters and clients value a consistent journey. 

Once a firm wins a piece of work, the effort may drop slightly, significantly impacting the client experience. Apple is a brand that delivers a consistent end-to-end journey for its customers. 

Let’s take the iPhone as an example. Apple provides a memorable experience at every point in the journey, from the research phase (clean and slick website) to the communication while waiting for your iPhone (email and SMS delivery updates). 

A standout moment in the journey (often overlooked) is the suspense encountered when lifting the lid off a new iPhone box. It takes about five seconds to slide off the top – the excitement, anticipation, and joy all form part of the consistent experience.

Lack Of Feedback And Reviews

If you never ask for feedback, you are never going to improve. It is common for lawyers not to be open to feedback because they’re afraid of what they might hear. There may have formal sessions set up at the start and end of each project, but that does not allow you to improve or address issues with your client until it is too late.

Feedback at the end of the project is useless. Look to set up informal catchups with key stakeholders during a project – clients are also more likely to open up during informal catchups. 

Just remember – there is one thing worse than never asking for feedback…failing to address input you receive.

Failure To Be A Trusted Advisor

Your clients will be facing many challenges, and sometimes they will be outside of your realm of expertise. Rather than just saying you cannot help, look to add value by connecting them with someone/organization that can help. 

Lawyers need to aim to be seen more as a trusted advisor rather than just service providers.

Focusing On Project And Not On Client

The world of your client is more significant than the project you are working on. Clients are after more than just the traditional lawyer-client relationship; they are after a partner that takes a proactive approach and builds a deeper understanding of their company and industry.

What is an easy way to stay on top of news about your clients? Set up Google Alerts on your clients so that you can be proactive during conversations. It also gives you a reason to reach out when important things are mentioned in the news. 

It is much better on the front foot than needing your client to tell you information readily available in the news.

Delivering The Expectations But Missing A Factor

Meeting expectations used to be a sign of success, but clients want so much more in this day and age. Law firms need to not only meet expectations but also provide unexpected moments for clients. 

As humans, we love to share unexpected experiences with other people. When your venture is on par with expectations, it does not garner the same excitement and is rarely discussed or brought up in general conversation.

Missing Out On SEO

Creating a website might be easy but keeping it going for the long run is difficult. Therefore, you’re not just creating a website if you apply SEO tactics to your site through a law firm SEO company. Instead, you’re making a website that adds profit to it. You’re not just creating a website best positioned.

You must make your site SEO-friendly. Once your site is SEO-friendly, you differentiate your firms from others because it prioritizes the substance or the content over the form.


Law firms that spend the time to understand their clients better and have a process to implement the learnings will undoubtedly stay ahead of their competition. 
The law firms that recognize the importance of enhancing the client experience through their lawyer web design the soonest and react accordingly will be best positioned to strengthen partnerships with current clients and attract new clients moving forward.


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