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3 Ways to Plan the Best Party Ever

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If you’ve got a special occasion coming up and want to plan the best party your friends and family will enjoy, it’s important to plan ahead. When you have a vision of how you want the celebration to turn out, you can take the necessary steps to make your occasion one to remember. Planning your party also reduces the stress of organizing the celebration so you can enjoy the party just as much as your guests. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

Choose a Theme

One of the first things you should do is select a theme for your party. If you’re having a birthday party for your child, the theme of the party could include your child’s favorite color or cartoon character. For instance, if your daughter loves pink, you can create a “pretty in pink” theme and have the guests wear pink tutus and line the table with pink boas. If the celebration is for an older guest of honor, think about your loved one’s favorite movie, show, or era to create a party theme. If your loved one has an affinity for the 1970s, you can decorate the party space in psychedelic designs, peace signs, and lava lamps.

Once you know the theme, you’ll need tables and chairs that you can decorate to match the party decor. Plan accordingly with your caterer or a party supply provider. Location is also incredibly important for being able to accommodate all of your guests. If you live in or near the Brooklyn area, check out Brooklyn party rentals to plan for the space accommodations you need for your upcoming celebration.

Plan a Menu

Food is part of what makes a party enjoyable and memorable. You can use the theme of the occasion to help you plan the menu. A birthday cake is common for a birthday party, but if the guest of honor would prefer a “cake” made from cupcakes or donuts, this can make the occasion even more fun. If you’re having a black and white party, you can serve black and white cookies, black pasta with white sauce, or white cocktails with a blackberry garnish. The time of day that the party takes place can also help you organize a menu.

If you’re having a brunch-time celebration for a friend, a tea party theme complete with finger sandwiches, a vegetable and dip platter, and a variety of gourmet teas could help solidly the theme of the party. If you’re having an afternoon backyard party for a family member, barbecue favorites like hamburgers and hot dogs could be included in the party menu.

Include Entertainment

While your guests will likely enjoy the food and will want to spend time mingling and catching up with each other, you should also have some form(s) of entertainment for your friends and family to enjoy at the party.

Think about the age of the guest of honor and the theme of the party when you’re trying to find ways to keep your guests entertained. If the party theme features a decade like the 1980s or 1990s, you can hire a local cover band to sing songs that were popular during that time. If your child’s birthday party theme features their favorite animated character, a band that sings children’s songs can sing the theme song from the animated series or popular songs from the show that your child enjoys.

Games and activities are a great way to entertain party guests as well. If you’re having the celebration outside, plan some activities like three-legged races, obstacle courses, and frisbee throwing. Ensuring that your guests–especially the guest of honor– have a good time will make them remember the party fondly.

These are just a few of the tips to remember when you want to plan a celebration that will serve as a pleasant memory. Adding some customized finishing touches to the party will make the celebration even more significant for the person you’re celebrating.


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