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3 ways to get back-to-school ready

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It’s the time of year that many kids dread. But interestingly enough we’re not talking about that summer heat – though it remains a factor. Nope, it’s that often-dreaded – but needed reminder – that school is starting next month. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom as the day approaches. There are plenty of steps we can take to make the transition from summer to school a little more stress-free and soak up the sun – or in the case of Texans, the cool rush of air from the air conditioner cranked up to full blast.

In this blog, we’re going to provide a few tips to make sure that you and your child can ease back in with the best of them and take as much hassle out of the process as possible while making the most of your time together before the rush begins.

1. Be an early bird

It is human nature to put off the tasks that seem non-essential to the day. However, this is one that those of us who have school-age children might want to consider taking under advisement. Nobody likes dealing with that last-minute back-to-school rush for pencils, binders, graph paper or anything else needed to start off on the right foot. So go ahead and get that back-to-school shopping out of the way early, to avoid that last minute scramble and long lines. As a bonus, you can relax leading up to the big day as opposed to worrying about whether you have everything. And if you by chance forgot something, it’s better to need just one or two items compared to a whole list.

2. Soak up the last days of summer

Yes, it might be almost time for the daily routine of classes, schoolwork, and more. But that word – “almost” – can also be an inspiration to enjoy the remaining days left before the school year begins to the fullest.

If there’s a place or landmark you never got the chance to visit, then take a drive and finally do it. Some activity you always meant to take part in, but never got around to? Get off the couch and do it. Or maybe sitting on that very couch with a working air conditioner at full blast is your idea of a good time. But whatever it is, seize the final days before school starts to do things you may not be able to once the hustle and bustle begins.

3. Plan a routine

There is absolutely something to be said for spontaneity. Everyone needs a dose of it from time to time. But one of the biggest keys to getting back into the swing of school is to develop a routine that you and/or your child can get into the habit of doing each day. Whether it’s breakfast before getting dressed or after, setting all the necessary alarms to wake up on time, or something else. Then for after school, maybe set aside some time for a snack before homework and chores, designate a certain time frame within which your child can watch TV, play outside or relax every night. That said, Work with your kids to put one into action,


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