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3 Warning Signs You Need a Window Replacement

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Are you wondering if it’s time for a window replacement? Keeping up with the conditions of your windows can have tons of benefits. 

However, you may not know whether or not it’s time for a window repair. You’re in luck because we’re here with a guide that can help you determine whether or not your windows should be replaced this year. Look out for these signs to make sure your windows are in solid shape this season. 

1. Noticing Reoccuring Drafts

One easy way to notice that your windows are in need of a replacement is if you are feeling reoccurring drafts escaping from them. If you can feel a draft from the air outside even when your windows are fully closed, this could be a sign that the seals of your window are damaged and that it’s time to invest in a replacement. If your windows are allowing drafts of outdoor air in, this can affect the internal temperature within your home. 

Not only does this make your home less comfortable, but it also puts a strain on your HVAC system as it has to work extra hard to maintain the desired temperature you have set it at. This can also damage your HVAC system, which is a pricey expense to fix or replace – significantly more than a window replacement. For this reason, it’s best to get your windows replaced with a new, durable, and weather-tight sealed. The option that is made to prevent leakage and infiltration. 

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2. You Notice Condensation Between the Glass Panels 

If you notice that sweat, moisture, or condensation collects on the glass panels of your windows on cold days. It could mean that the glossing on your windows is losing its effectiveness. When seals are failing to work properly, moisture can collect between glass panels and form condensation. To avoid this issue, it’s best to replace your windows with more energy-efficient options

3. You Can Hear Noises From Outside Your Home 

Are you noticing that you are able to hear audible noises from outside your home more easily than before? Not only is this a noisy disrupting to the peace of your home. But it could also be a sign that you need a window replacement. If you are noticing more sounds from outdoors it could mean that your windows lack proper insulation. 

Many old windows are not created with technology that allows for proper insulation. If this is the case with the windows in your home. It may be time to invest in windows. Those are engineered to buffer sounds which can result in a more quiet and peaceful living space

Common Signs That Indicate it’s Time for a Window Replacement 

If you have noticed any or all of the signs noted above. It is likely time for you to invest in a professional window replacement. 

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