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3 Tips To Buy Heavy Weight Gold Jewellery

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Whether it be for a Mexican marriage or a friendly office party that you want to attend, you can wear gold jewelry any time. However, you must also consider the flamboyancy and exuberance that you will expect in a Mexican marriage. Whereas you can wear light gold jewelry at an office party, at a wedding you need to wear some heavyweight gold jewelry that will extra bling. The mood atmosphere or the people you are around in a wedding calls for heavyweight jewelry. So if you are one of the gold buyers in Pembroke Pines looking for heavyweight jewelry, here are 3 tips for you:

  1. Be open towards 14 and 18 karat gold

When you are thinking about buying heavy gold jewelry, you should also think about the expense. It is a general rule that light jewelry is less expensive as compared to heavy-weight jewelry because the price of the jewelry depends upon the weight of the gold. If you do not have enough capital to invest in heavy gold jewelry, it is best to buy some of the latest 14 and 18-carat gold jewelry. It will be well within your budget and you will not need to worry about the weight. That’s because 14 and 18-carat gold is light in weight as compared to 22-carat gold jewelry.

  • Avoid buying stones

A lot of gold buyers in Pembroke Pines love to wear a lot of gold jewelry together with expensive stones that make the jewelry heavy and thick. But the wise decision here would be to avoid buying any heavy gold jewelry that contains stones of various sizes. That is because buying stones will not only make the jewelry heavier but it will cost you more dollars. So, when you are short on budget you should stick to gold jewelry without any stones.

  • Avoid getting gold intricate designs

If you want to buy gold jewelry that is heavy and bigger in size you should stick to simple readymade gold jewelry. If you are ordering gold jewelry, it will cost you more than the readymade one as it will require a making charge. Similarly, if you are buying gold jewelry that has intricate designs on it, it will cost you more. If you have the right budget, you can buy 22-carat gold with stones and intricate designs embedded in it. Make sure that when you sell your gold in Pembroke Pines, you make a profit


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