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3 Things to Know When Considering Window Tints

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Car window tints have an essential role to play in keeping a car cool and comfortable. It also helps in cutting down the effects of UV rays on the interior of the vehicle. The quality of the tints depends on their thickness, film type, and clarity. Consider the following factors before purchasing a tint for your car.

Type and Quality of the Tint

A lot of car owners may want to tint their cars for many reasons. Others will cite privacy issues; others will consider health issues, and the rest will put a tint for aesthetics. But what types and qualities will you think will match your exact needs? Check out the following types of tints and make an informed choice according to your preference.

1. Dyed Window Tinting

This type of window has a dye layer between the adhesive layer and a polyester protective top coating. They are an excellent choice for individuals on a tight budget because they are relatively inexpensive. The dye’s multiple layers block sunlight, absorb solar radiation, and keep some heat out of your vehicle. Its level of protection is lesser than that of its competitors. They will also fade away over time and will need a replacement.

2. Metallized Window Tinting

They are similar to dyed tints. Instead of utilizing dye to prevent heat from the sun, they use microscopic metallic particles. The tiny particles are nearly undetectable and are within the film. Apart from filtering UV rays, its shutter-resistance ability strengthens your car glass and gives it a higher scratch resistance than dye tints. The disadvantage of this form of tinting is that it hinders radio, GPS, and Bluetooth signals.

3. Carbon Tint Film

Carbon window tint is the most excellent option for top-of-the-line UV and heat protection. It contains nano-carbon particles that block up to 70% of infrared radiation, producing a cool climate within your cabin. The colored stable window coatings provide the most permanent and effective tints while increasing privacy without sacrificing clarity.

The best part of these carbon films is that the tint will last for a lifetime without fading. Unlike the metalized window tints, they don’t block any signals from radio, GPS, or Bluetooth devices.

4. Ceramic Window Tinting

Ceramic tints contain ceramic particles, which are widely known for their nonconductive qualities. This type of tint can filter up to 50% of heat radiation while maintaining visibility. Ceramic has a high resistance to fading and glare, efficiently blocks UV and infrared radiation, and boosts shatter resistance.

Car Tinting Laws in Your Area

The regulations governing car tinting in the United States differ from state to state. Drivers should examine their state’s motor vehicle registration regulations and rules to see what is permissible. According to Arizona car tint law, the front side windows must allow more than 40% of light, while the back window must allow more than 10%.

The majority of the regulations’ focus is on VLT (visible light transmittance). It is the amount of visible light that can travel through a tinted window or glass. The lower the VLT, the darker the window tint. VLT is crucial in establishing how dark the shade is or how much of it is present.

The goal of regulating automobile tinting is to safeguard law enforcement officials in the event they pull you over. They are also installed to guarantee that drivers have a clear vision of the other vehicles, even in low-light conditions.

The Region of Residence

Before you decide to tint your vehicle, you should first learn about the climate in your area. If you live in a cold place, tinting your automobile windows with infrared radiation blocking tint will not help you. This is because the temperature of your inside cabin will not be a factor. You’ll be good with a mid-grade window tint.

However, if you live in a hot region, you must tint your vehicle with high-quality tints such as carbon window films. These films effectively filter heat from the sun while reducing glare. Aside from glare, it will help you maintain your privacy.

Final Remarks

Do not tint your vehicle’s windows simply because other individuals are tinting theirs. Check to ensure that you are not violating government rules and regulations by putting the incorrect tint on your vehicle. Not sure what kind of tint you should use? Consult with specialists from a respected service provider, and they will assist you.


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