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Does it take forever for the water to drain from the sink or tub? Liquid drain cleaners can only handle up to a point. They are not designed for heavy duty professional level cleaning. Here are 3 signs you need a professional klempner deggendorf.

  1. Persistent obstruction
    You can buy a powerful drain cleaner at any home improvement store. Usually a half bottle will remove common drain clogs. If you’ve poured a whole bottle and the clog is still there, or the drain cleaner seems to work but clogs again after a few days, you need help. There is usually bleach in store-bought drain cleaners. The bleach will help break down grease and buildup in your drains.

Often times it is the soap we use that causes clogs in our drains. Many bar soaps leave larger particles in the drain pipes. Dirt and hair will stick to this soap scum creating bigger clogs in the pipes. Very soon, it will create a blockage that will not allow the water to flow at all or will impede the flow of PROFESSIONAL DRAIN CLEANING water to a trickle.
Professional drain cleaners have other methods of entering pipes and breaking these blockages. They have access to higher-strength industrial products, as well as snakes, water jets, and other tools to reach drain lines.

  1. Bad smells coming from drains in sinks and bathtubs
    There is nothing worse than the smell of rotting garbage caught in your drains. If you’ve noticed a stinky smell and can’t find the source, it’s likely coming from somewhere in the drain line. If you’ve already removed that disgusting lock of hair but the drain still stinks, there must be something in it. It may look like it solved the problem, but that’s just what you can see.
    There are other reasons a drain line can suck and none of them are pleasant. Sometimes the sewer lines will break and recede into the drain lines. There are even cases of rats or mice that get stuck and die. While none of these are good to think about, there are ways that plumbers can fix problems. A sewer scope may be in order. They will run a camera down the pipe until they find the problem.
  2. Water backup
    Drain pipes usually get clogged and the water just won’t drain or takes a long time to drain. But sometimes the problem is much worse than poor drainage. There are times when a major blockage occurs in the main sewer line. Because all drainage lines connect to this main sewer line, the only thing stopping the flow of wastewater is gravity. Once a blockage occurs, the sewage will PROFESSIONAL DRAIN CLEANING actually fill the drain lines and start coming out of the tub drains. This can happen because these are the lowest drains in the house. Once the pipes have been filled, there is nowhere else to go but up.
    This is not just a hassle problem that you can deal with on your own time. This is a major problem that presents safety risks to the health and well-being of your family. Water and sewage spilled on floors and walls can cause significant damage. It can also collect under the house in the driveway, making it difficult to detect.

Bite the bullet and call a drain cleaning company
Receding drains are never a fun thing to deal with. But it’s always better to tackle problems sooner rather than later. First, try to remove any build-up you can see. Then try a bottle of drain cleaner. If the problem does not go away, you should call to klempner münchen.

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