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3 Relevant SMM Technologies in 2021

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Social media marketing (SMM) is not a new phenomenon for mankind, but only in the last 5 years it has gained unprecedented popularity. There are several reasons for this.

First, online advertising is cheaper. Secondly, popular instant messengers have emerged during this time and social networks with over a million users have been modernized. And third, the number of SM users is growing by the hour.

What advertising tools will be effective in 2021? More on this below.

Chat bots

Originally, bots that send messages to the “PM” were introduced to entertain the audience. Leading publishers picked up on this idea and began to open up access to communication with the bot on the site. Such bots were able to rhyme words, edit photos, send jokes and do many other things.

Over time, the value of chatbots in SMM 2021 has been revised. The reasons are as follows:

  • Automating messages makes the work of site administration easier, as it is physically unrealistic to answer thousands of letters from subscribers;
  • It is convenient to “exploit” bots when conducting contests and mailings, as in such cases people have questions of the same type, to which a detailed answer was prepared in advance;
  • With the help of bots, you can quickly process orders and check sales statistics.

A recent survey confirmed that social media users are not in the least embarrassed by chatbots. Only 20% of respondents answered that they were annoyed by the robot’s “telegrams.” About 40% expressed indifference, and the same number – gratitude for quick and accessible responses from companies.

Robots send instructions, product descriptions, and answer general questions. Their function will be perfected over time. Soon bots will be able to replace a live administrator, as they do not have to pay a salary.


Blogging is a widely used topic. It is not so much an SMM tool for 2021 as a universal technique for attracting new employees. A live blog puts a human face on a company, sparks interest and a desire for trust. The blog can be both video and text.

What people are interested in:

  • Production steps of goods. If you sell handmade products, customers will be interested in seeing how you make soap, bake cakes or weave bracelets. Of course, the content should not be served “dry”: You need professional editing for videos and an interesting structure of the text in the posts;
  • Excerpts from the daily routine. You would be surprised how many people get infected by videos of your lifestyle, because the person has always loved to watch others. In this case, you need to follow two rules. First, don’t overdo it with these videos, because your blog should not turn into a reality show. Second, the “routine” should be interesting, because if your life is like the majority’s, there’s no point in watching it;
  • Highly specialized content. For example, if you are conducting training to improve family relationships, it is helpful to invite to online webinars and write posts on this topic. Since the product you are selling belongs to the category of intellectual work, it is impossible to evaluate it “by eye”. In this case, the blog serves as the company’s business card.

Ideas for blogging abound. All you need to attract an audience: Value, expert opinion, and a shiny presentation.

Highlight Stories

Stories in VK and Instagram appeared not too long ago, followed by another upgrade – Highlights. Highlight Stories are tags by which ghost photos are sorted. That is, with the help of these tags, Stories are grouped together and can be viewed more conveniently. For subscribers, this new feature is worth its weight in gold, because it shortens the time to find the information you need.

We highly recommend tagging product reviews and live customer reviews in Highlights.


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