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3 Quotidian Myths about Shared Website Hosting

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Myths about Shared Website Hosting – Shared hosting is probably the best option for most small businesses. One computer runs several websites. Therefore it is convenient, inexpensive, convenient, and offers unique features suitable enough for a small business. There are several misleading discussions about shared hosting on various platforms. Here you will clear several misconceptions and bust some myths about shared website hosting.

Things You Shouldn’t Believe!

Many small business owners opt for expensive web hosting services rather than going for shared hosting. It is because they believe in the false statements heard from somewhere. Let’s look at the three most quotidian myths about shared website hosting.

Free Hosting and Shared Hosting are Same

If you are new at exploring web hosting services, the availability of free hosting is confusing. Every free hosting service is shared hosting, but it does not mean that all shared web hosting is free. It does not mean that shared web hosting is low-quality hosting.

Even if something is free, there is always a hidden cost. Therefore you should not opt for free shared hosting. In case if you do get free hosting, the provider will monetize its services in the form of ads on the website. But you will not even get any profit from them.

Free hosting also has additional disadvantages since it lacks uptime guarantees, and the customer service is not good at all. A full-featured hosting plan is not much expensive and offers much more value. Moreover, if you are running a small enterprise, you will consider avoiding ads and co-branding appearing on the website with free hosting.

Shared Hosting Lacks Scalability

Myths about shared website hosting also include the idea that it lacks scalability. It is a mistaken assumption that you will reach the maximum limit of your hosting resources as soon as your business grows. Therefore you will have a fear of getting stuck with very little storage and bandwidth. You might think that it can cause an interruption and you will have to shop for an entirely new service.

However, this is not the case. Shared hosting is extremely scalable. The best hosting providers give you different levels of shared hosting plans according to the needs of the website owners who wish to grow their business. Hence a new business owner can select the least expensive hosting plan initially and scale it up as the business grows.

Shared Hosting Provides No Security

One of the most popular myths about shared website hosting is that it is not secure in comparison to other types of hosting. It is not true because shared hosting is highly secure. It offers a server firewall, intrusion detection, and monitoring.

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