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3 Mathematics Enrichment Programmes For Your Children

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Enrolling your child in a Math enrichment programme isn’t necessarily about pushing them to get better grades in school. But that’s a huge bonus. 

The main goal is to provide students with an enriching experience. This is why concepts and lessons are usually presented differently from how a traditional school would.  Methods used help promote a love of learning.  

Here are some Math enrichment programmes in Malaysia to consider for your child.

  1. Kumon Method

The Kumon Method is well-known in several countries, including Malaysia. Children navigate through lessons using a self-learning approach. Instructors customise worksheets according to a student’s skill levels. 

Exercises are designed so they’re not too easy nor too difficult. Students then complete these exercises using examples shown in their worksheets. This self-learning approach makes it possible for students to advance to higher-level lessons, of course, with the guidance of their instructors at the centre. 

Depending on your child’s age and skill level, they may start with simple counting exercises and basic math problems. Once they master these lessons, they move to advanced ones. 

Worksheets are only tackled for 30 minutes, daily, which is great especially for little children.The method focuses on little steps, so children don’t feel pressured. As they go along, they may also increase their speed when solving problems. 

Unlike traditional exams, children can correct their mistakes and get perfect marks on their worksheets. 

  1. International Malaysia Mathematical Olympiad Programme. 

This Math enrichment programme in Malaysia develops a child’s logical and mathematical skills. 

If your child loves unconventional Math situational problems that make them think and devise their own formula, rather than solve a specific set of equations, this may be ideal for them.

Students work on puzzles and challenging Math olympiad problems. Logic is a crucial part of this learning approach.

  1. Math Monkey

Math Monkey uses a play-to-learn curriculum. It focuses on making learning numbers fun for students. It also complements how the brain works – arousing curiosity and repeating effective learning methods. 

Children are exposed to a situation or object they’re not familiar with to help spark their curiosity. They’re given opportunities to explore this situation or object. They try out various tests or approaches and see if they lead to the same results. 

The final step is to repeat and master effective approaches. Vedic Math is the foundation of Math Monkey. It’s a system that harnesses creativity to teach kids. 

Games are used to help motivate students to find out possible solutions and be the first to come up with the right answer. At the end of the day, the process enables children to learn so much more as they explore different ways to solve problems.

Discover more of the benefits of a Math enrichment programme for children

Performing better academically is one benefit of having your child sign up for an enrichment programme. But there’s a lot more than that that they can gain in the process. 

When choosing a programme for your child, focus on the fun factor. You don’t want your child to simply keep on answering difficult problems. You’ll want your child to be given support and guidance, regardless of their learning style.


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