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2022: The Upcoming Changes in Learning Management Software in India

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With the Covid-19 pandemic, the traditional work and learning culture of going to the workplace and schools to get work done changed for many industries and schools to work from home. Although the work-from-home culture gave people the convenience to work from anywhere, it came as a new challenge for many due to corporates and schools’ traditional learning and operating methods. For reshaping the industry to suit a remote environment and training employees and students, a change in the learning management system occurred. This led to a rapid increase in online training, and instructor-led training experienced an exponential downfall.

Need For A Revised Learning Management System

We saw over the last one year and more timespan how the traditional schools got transformed into virtual schools in the pandemic, but still, education continued, education being the foundation stone of any individual as well as any organization. This was all possible with the use of online schooling and online learning management system use by the school administration. The same thing applies to the corporate world; as for adequate knowledge flow, the learning management software came as a rescue mechanism. For better and trained employees in the organization, the need for the best learning management system arose. 

Going through the statistics, it was observed that the corporates with a learning management system made a better profit margin by 24%. With Covid-19, the virtual training sessions increased to just twice the numbers they were initially. Seeing this analytics and growth, companies are now shifting their focus to online training in the upcoming years. 

eLearning Trends Of Corporates

The future of the LMS depends mainly on the market trend of eLearners and what’s in demand for the industry growth. A shift towards a collaborative and comprehensive approach and has been recorded recently. 

Let us discuss various eLearning trends :

  • Short-term learning: Short-term learning or courses make people want to learn willingly as there is not a burden of enormous course code and to get the activity done in a specific time. They are designed according to your availability and are made available on our mobile or computer screens. 
  • Virtual Reality: It has become a new way to communicate and connect both. Apart from just training sessions, things like LMS are becoming the new normal, easing the complexities at the workplace.

Challenges For LMS

Everything good or bad comes with its pair of setbacks, so is the case with LMS. However, LMS brought a rapid shift in learning behaviour into digital classrooms, which eventually succeeded manifold. Technical gaps made it a struggle for a few. Internet connection interruption may affect the quality of content being delivered. Even if a person is attending a live session, there might be a disturbance in the flow of things being offered. It can turn very frustrating and disappointing at times. Elderly people who missed out on the technology revolution and did not connect to internet technology initially too found it a struggle. It was like starting from scratch from them. People are adapting to this new normal, but still, traditional ways make them feel satisfied at an individual level. 

Predictions For LMS

The market trends and data analytics for the growth projections regarding the learning management system for the years 2021-2024 in the stretch show that the market size is to expand to $25.4 billion at a compound acnnual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.8%. The mobile-friendly nature makes the crowd involve more and more in LMS online. It can be assumed that it is the need of the industry today and can be a great investment value system in the upcoming years. 

Technologies And Approaches Used: 

Below are the technology used and slight changes in its way of operation with the best learning management software and a cost-effective learning management system pricing for increased productivity to meet the industry’s growing demand.

Use Of Artificial Intelligence

In the internet age, artificial intelligence has been the talk of the town for a bit now and will continue to do in the upcoming years as well. The use of artificial intelligence operates every technology currently in use, so is the case with learning management software. With AI, training programs are interactive, and the user can connect better to the training sessions. Language translation feature with automation has made learning possible for people from various linguistic backgrounds.

Mobile-Friendly Nature

Initially, there were Mobile ready programs, i.e. programs that were made to operate on a desktop but can be made to function on a mobile phone as well. But with this rapid shift in learning management systems, a need for a mobile-friendly model arose. Mobile-friendly programs can reach a larger audience due to flexibility at pockets and on the go. In this fast-forward world, we are always in a rush, so mobile-operated LMS makes knowledge easily accessible to all.

Big-Data Usage

The prime purpose of using LSM is to gain some insights or knowledge. Extensive data inputs from various data sources give leaders and employees a better capability to make wise decisions. 

User-generated Content

To make learning fun nowadays, video lectures and images are uploaded from the people of same backgrounds in the learning management systems online. This gives LSM better exposure as a platform and people better learning by actually connecting with the content. LSM gives a better opportunity for questions and confusions that can be posted at a place for experts or peers from the same background to answer with a better understanding of the content.


Seeing the demand and estimated projections for learning management systems presently, it can be presumed that 2022 will be no different in its growth. Instead a better growth rate will be seen. As per the changes in the LMS in India are considered with the use of artificial intelligence, big data, and mobile-ready to mobile-friendly program shift, every technology has just helped everything get better than the day before and will continue to do so the upcoming years. 


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