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200 vs 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Know the Difference

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The availability of various yoga teacher training courses might confuse a beginner. Therefore, it becomes very important to have a basic knowledge about various yoga courses. Countless people are looking for 200 vs 500 hour yoga teacher training. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place.

Before you roll further, here’s what you are going to learn up next. Basic knowledge about 200 vs 500 hour yoga teacher training, eligibility criteria for both the course, an overview of the syllabus, who can join them, and what is the aim of each yoga course.

200 vs 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Basic Difference


Every yoga teacher training course has different eligibility criteria. 200 hour yoga teacher training course is open to every individual who wants to practice yoga. Anyone from any corner of the world can join this course.

On the other hand, 500 hour yoga teacher training bags the top position in the level of difficulty of a yoga teacher training course. Therefore, you need to be an expert yoga practitioner to join this course. Moreover, this is the most intense yoga course that you can join.

Thus, eligibility criteria is the first important element in the quest to learn about 200 vs 500 hour yoga teacher training.

Who Can Join

As mentioned above, 200 hour YTT is a beginner-level course. Thus, anyone with or without basic knowledge of yoga can join this course. Moreover, irrespective of gender, age, nationality, and occupation, anyone is free to join this course.

500 hour YTT course is for advanced yoga practitioners. Thus, a person with a 200 hour or 300 hour yoga certification can join this course. However, it varies from one yoga center to the other when it comes to eligibility for joining 500 hour YTT.

Aim of the Yoga Course

200 hour YTT course aims at making you familiar with various yogic practices. Thus, you can join with basic to no knowledge about yoga. Further, you learn how to practice yoga poses or how to meditate.

500 hour YTT is an advanced course that teaches you about yogic practices in detail. Furthermore, you take a plunge into the yoga world and learn about it in great detail. It aims towards making you a yoga master with mastery over every element of yoga.

Note: Always join a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training course.


This is where a huge gap comes while looking for 200 vs 500 hour yoga teacher training. The 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus is structured while keeping newbies in mind. Each class is curated such that beginners don’t feel lagging. Moreover, the yoga poses taught are easy on your body.

500 hour yoga teacher training is for advanced yoga trainers or practitioners. The goal is to push your body and mind to their limits. Each class helps you dive a little deeper into the world of yoga, yogic practices, and its implementation. Therefore, it helps you control your mind and body with much more accuracy.

Time Duration

Beginners-friendly courses are generally of shorter duration. Similarly, a 200 hour yoga teacher training course is about 28 days long. You are going to spend 200 hours learning practical as well as theoretical concepts of yoga.

500 hour yoga teacher training is about 60 days longs. Your practice is going to be intense that is curated to help your push your yoga practice. More time is given to clearing concepts, learning about its history, and advanced yogic practices.

Wrap Up

The notion of 200 vs 500 hour yoga teacher training helps you have a basic understanding of how one differs from the other. Moreover, there is also a difference between their registration fee. That is subjective to every registered yoga center.

Hence, if you want to kick start your yoga journey, 200 hour YTT is a perfect course for you. However, if you already are 200 hour YTT certified, then you can go for a 300 or 500 hour YTT course. It depends on how much potential you have to join a course.

Make sure you have an in-depth analysis before enrolling in any yoga teacher training course.

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