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20 Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas

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Holidays are a time when people want to spend more to cheer themselves and their loved ones, so even the slightest effort can pay off many times over. Advent events would be in full swing around the world post-pandemic. While most of them are planned months in advance, that doesn’t mean you can get involved in the holiday euphoria literally right away with a few short but effective tips.

Create A Special Holiday Offer

It should be neither extensive nor too reduced if you can’t afford it, but the feeling that something special is on offer and that it can be saved, everyone will like. 

Share Discount Coupons with Your Purchase

offer an extra discount to customers you know love your products, and the extra incentive could bring them back faster than they originally planned. You can also design discount coupons by using any online graphic design software.

Treat Your Visitors

Suppose you have a big budget for regular customers. In that case, you can organize dinner as a thank you for year-round cooperation, but even cookies and juice with shopping during this holiday season work wonders.

Publish To Everyone Where You Are

create a simple flyer with your location using free tools like PhotoADKing, almost all types of flyers for holidays are included here, including church flyers, halloween flyer template, etc. or if you don’t know yourself, ask someone who is good with editing programs to put together a simple flyer with your location and then distribute them to large shopping malls or downtown during crowds; the law of numbers dictates that someone will definitely stop by. 

Spice Up Your Purchase with Extra Gifts

Each purchase goes into a “gift draw” that doesn’t have to be of great value to be interesting; Even a gift certificate for your services in a certain amount sounds great. You can take advantage of this in your physical store and the online store and post a call for this mini action on your social media profiles!

Invite Santa to Socialize

Your investment is a Santa Claus suit, some cake, and hot chocolate, and while the children are being photographed with a familiar character, parents can do more or less shopping.

Join Forces

Agree with the owner of another store for joint promotion, and share flyers for each other or agree on a joint offer; if it proves to be good during the holidays, it can grow into a permanent engagement.

Free Wrapping

Most do not have the time, and many have neither the knowledge nor the will to quality gift wrapping, so cheer up your customers and do it for them.

Donate Via Online Media

Ask your followers on social media to tag your friends and share your latest creation, and in return, may win just that.

Revive The Holiday Magic

Remember that you are not only selling a product or service but the whole experience, so make sure that your business space is in the spirit of the holiday and online channels are full of appropriate content (and the best promotions, of course).

Help With Suggestions

Whether you have a restaurant, beauty studio, or shop, you can certainly adjust your offer so that there is something for everyone; make a list of potential services or things suitable for parents, children, grandparents, friends… you will surely inspire someone.

Turn The Occasional Like into A Game

The first to come for your services with a Santa cap will get them for free, and each subsequent one is entitled to a certain discount (and some sweets as a thank you for participating)

Work Out the Details of The Holiday Offer

Put a certain service or product on sale every day, and design your own version of “Black Friday” for the best discounts.

Share Useful Gifts

Branded chemicals are great, but everyone is constantly losing them, and everyone is sharing them; be creative so that all the friends of your customers think, “I want it too.”

Organize A Holiday Market

Big fairs were already sold out a long time ago, but arrange with other local shops and organize your own mini-event for all neighbors.

Enable The Exchange of Goods

If at all possible, make it clear that all unwanted gifts purchased from you can easily be exchanged for the desired variant, so you will make it easier for customers who like to take risks with their choices.

Organize A Workshop for Children

Along with a holiday for parents, while the kids have fun decorating their Christmas tree decoration, offer parents mulled wine and give them a chance to browse your catalog in peace.

Connect With Bloggers

People with lots of followers on social media are your best ally in internet promotion; let them include your products and services in their daily routine or gift list and wait for their followers to start arriving.

Share The Joy

Invite your fans on social networks to share their favorite holiday photos or adventures with you and reward the most interesting ones.

Extend Working Hours

The search for gifts is exhausting in itself, especially when we have to dedicate ourselves to it after a hard day’s work; adjust your working hours so that even the busiest get to you even when others are not working.

Whatever you decide to try, don’t forget that everything goes better with a smile on your face. People feel when something is done out of love and when it is done because it has to be done. If you haven’t already, do your best to find what makes you happy in your business so inspiration will come on its own. Happy Holidays!


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