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The Best Catering Instagram Accounts Every Event Professional Should Follow

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We all know that there is a difference between catering companies and upscale restaurants, but not everyone knows how to tell the ones worth your time. It’s easy though! Here are some key indicators: if they have high reviews on Yelp and other sites like Trustpilot; whether or not anyone has left negative feedback in years past (or at least five); and finally does someone seem really engaged with their customers online through social media outlets such as Instagram—you got yourself, one good crew, up top right here

These days two types exist within every industry niche from restaurants/foodservice providers down to construction firms–those who use these platforms well enough respond positively while others don’t.

Event catering on Instagram is all the rage, and if you’re just getting started with your business or looking to step up what content gets posted- it might be worth checking out some of these best-in-class accounts. These are people who have mastered this social media platform; follow them now so when potential clients see beautiful photos from event attendees at their tables they know where those meals came from!

Who doesn’t love to have a delicious meal while they’re celebrating? If you want your event guests to feel the same way, we’ve got some great Instagram accounts for catering inspiration.  These are just five of many that could get an appetite going!

Bites and Bashes

Bites and Bashes is a catering company that offers event coordination services, as well as gourmet cuisine by Cordon Bleu-trained chefs. The Instagram feed features plenty of up-close images showcasing their culinary creations so you’ll have trouble scrolling through it without getting hungry!

Contemporary Catering

Contemporary Catering is an award-winning LA-based catering and mixology bars company that provides a diverse menu of contemporary dishes for your special event. With over 20 years in the industry and more than 35k followers on Instagram, they are sure to deliver top-notch service with fresh ingredients at affordable prices so you can enjoy them too!

Hosts:  “What better way to celebrate our anniversary than by throwing us an awesome party?” Your guests will be speechless when this gorgeous three-course meal arrives – there’s nothing like beautifully presented food served on pristine china plates right before their eyes (and stomachs). From stunning appetizers such as caviar dusted hot ham biscuits or lobster salad vinaigrette wrapped warm buns; creative main courses including grilled

Kamper’s Kitchen

Kamper’s Kitchen has a new line of art-coterie that is too exciting for your mom. Classic meats and cheeses are augmented with ingredients such as fruit, honeycomb, or caviar to make them pop visually on the plate!

Expand: Charcuterie traditionalists should beware because these aren’t just any old boards – they’ll have you debating whether it’s worth hopping onto one-way buses from Fort Lauderdale although you might wanna stay there after eating some delicious Kampercheese (mozzarella covered in BBQ sauce). 

Budare Bistro

No one likes to indulge in unhealthy food all the time, and it’s especially boring during events. That’s why Budare Bistro exists! Their menu is full of Venezuelan-inspired treats waiting for those days when you want a little something different than your usual catering options on Instagram—just bring a Tums smartly stocked away somewhere safe (you know where).

Miami's best restaurants, according to LTI | CNN Travel

No need to settle with just high-end healthy catering every so often — let yourself off the hook by indulging at Budare bistros; these are not tartare or bisques here: they’re Venezuelan-inspired dishes perfect for letting oneself go sometimes.

One of the best ways to market your brand is through social media. Instagram can be a great tool for sharing recipes, food pictures, and more! These companies have found success with this strategy in marketing their catering company on Instagram – reaching people who may not otherwise know about them or want what they sell because it’s different from other restaurants’ menus

The key here? Make sure you’re posting engaging content that will inspire followers like these chefs do when creating new dishes so everyone benefits from following along at home too!

If you want to be sure that your catering company is worth the money, there are a few key indicators. The first one would be high reviews on Yelp and other sites like Trustpilot; if no one has left negative feedback in years past (or at least five); and finally does someone seem really engaged with their customers online through social media outlets such as Instagram—you got yourself, one good crew, up top right here! 


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