15 Best Marketing Software That Can Help Your Business Grow

15 Best Marketing Software that help you grow your business

With the increased web traffic and intense competition on the internet, businesses are using the best marketing techniques to their optimum level. Marketing has now transformed into a proper career in which people are pursuing the studies and learning new tactics to drive massive traffic to the businesses.

Marketing in a business plays a vital role and this is the only way to gain an organic audience over the internet. Doing everything right and not using the smart strategies of marketing can lead your business to a horrible failure.

With great power comes great responsibility, and so as launching a business could be easy but the maintenance and other promotional campaigns of your business can make you go way so stressful. This is more difficult when you own a startup and your struggle has to go a long way!


Grow your brand

The competitive market in the world is changing drastically. Spreading the word about your business needs to be vocal and efficient enough to steal everybody’s attention.

Whether it is about the promotion of new offers and services or it is about your engagement with your customers; your brand needs to plan the marketing strategies proficiently.

If your business is not going to adopt these rapid changes then it will get knockdown by the competitors even before the struggle could have taken place.

Professional resume makers from cv writing service london emphasized adopting the correct marketing tools and strategies. Also, your planned tactics must be smarter and the aspects of marketing can be automated as well.

I understand this is the most critical component of the business and for its sustained growth in the industry.


If your business has faced a backlash even after having excellent content and outstanding service, this could be the absence of correct marketing strategies. You may not be investing in the right direction. Remember, one wrong move only and BAM, your whole struggle could go in vain.

This also happens that even after perfect marketing plans; there are several problems in generating traffic and in finding quality leads.

Not every time the engaging content of your business would reach the targeted audience accurately. There can be a problem in measuring the ROI of the marketing campaigns as well.

Well, leaving this discussion behind, don’t you worry! Marketing software and tools are handy for you to play your marketing cards rightly!

Below I have broken down a list of the 15 best marketing software that would help your business to thrive among the industry and competitors. Dive into the study to find more about this software.


Marketo Logo

Making it easier for businesses to launch and manage their marketing campaigns, Marketo is the biggest and established marketing automation company. This software offers marketing tools for social media marketing, lead management, and sales management dashboards, and analytics as well.


The biggest name in the list of marketing software, Hubspot is the best software with powerful inbound marketing solutions. This has more personalized and effective strategies for marketing with developed hosts of marketing applications as well. This software includes tools for blogging, lead management, and marketing analytics.


Experts from cover letter writing service uk penned in their recent blogs about using Yesware as the marketing software. It is an email platform that makes it easy for a salesperson to manage the emails and track them for a response. This software syncs with the CRMs perfectly including Oracle and Microsoft Dynamic as well.


For better engagement with the user and conversion via smart data, Sailthru can be used easily. The marketers can respond to the users in real-time as well. In this way, it becomes possible to achieve a personalized user experience


Hootsuite logo

Social media platforms can be used to save a lot of time and money. Hootsuite is the platform that encourages your business to integrate with social media channels. This software also enjoys a large market share in the list of marketing software. Its interface is also an excellent component that you would ever come across.


Cloud-based marketing software that can help with customer acquisition and retention is Vocus. This software can make it easier for marketers to reach out the other online and social media channels. It also offers a great tool for email and search marketing.

Salesforce marketing cloud:

salesforce marketing cloud logo

Salesforce marketing cloud is a comprehensive marketing software that helps businesses with more tools related to customer engagement and experience. The real-time information of the customer along with his data would help to engage with the customer at the right time


The software of Optimove is a retention automation platform that helps the marketers at the companies to maximize the value of every customer. Also, this software helps the businesses to convert more leads and enhance the engagement with the customer.


This marketing software can help businesses with local, mobile, and social marketing. This tool is also helpful to generate more customers around the globe. If you are looking for better promotion of your business then going with LocalVox is the best option.


MailChimp can make your email marketing work wonders for your business. This software makes it easy to customize emails to suit a particular marketing campaign. MailChimp is growing way so fast among the audience.


Infusionsoft Software logo

Infusionsoft is a comprehensive and cost-effective marketing software for the enhancement of sales and revenue. This software offers marketing automation and eCommerce tools including CRM as well.


This cloud-based marketing software provides the marketers with complete control over the lead generation program. Also, with the help of this tool, you can generate new leads and can measure your marketing performance.


Act-on is also a cloud-based marketing software that is designed especially to automate the marketing task and to enhance efficiency. This tool offers great marketing campaigns and converting leads.


WordStream Logo

The marketing software of WordStream can help you to optimize the search engine marketing and to helps the marketers with better results of SEO and PPC campaigns. The organic campaigns would also get efficient with this software.


If you want to get marketing software with real-time analytics and want efficient tracking of marketing campaigns, then CAKE is the best option around. It will organize all the data at a single place and you will have control over everything from your device.


These are some of the marketing software that you surely need to boost the performance of your business. Implementing any of this software would help your business grow and your marketing strategies will hit the target right!

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