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14 Things to Know about Invisalign Treatment

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Invisalign is said to be an effective way to get your crooked or misaligned teeth straightened. The treatment involves wearing aligner trays to move teeth properly into their desired position and improve your overall appearance. The Invisalign provider will ask you to undergo the procedure so that you can get your teeth straightened and regain your attractive smile. This way, you can boost your confidence level too by undergoing the procedure from experienced orthodontists only. This blogpost discusses about 14 things to know related to Invisalign procedure and get it done successfully.

  1. Teeth impressions – The Invisalign provider takes your teeth impressions for creating customized aligner trays that will adjust with the teeth. He uses metal arch having putty-like material and you have to bite into the putty and then leave it over there for at least 3 to 4 minutes so that it gets hardened. The dental hygienist should pry it off on the teeth and you need to repeat the procedure for a few times for your teeth impressions to become perfect.

    These teeth impressions will then be sent to the dental laboratory which requires at least a few weeks for them to prepare for the actual trays. After this, they will be sent back to your orthodontist so that he fits them properly inside your mouth.

  2. Cement the attachments – After the Invisalign trays are made ready, your orthodontist will be putting cement-like attachments onto the teeth. These attachments are needed for clipping the trays and you need to hear them snap into proper place. This will differ from one person to the other for which teeth the attachments will go. Once you are done with the treatment, the attachments will be taken off.
  3. Sanding between the teeth – Your Invisalign provider will sand in between the teeth based on your present situation. If the teeth are close to each other, they won’t be shifting properly and sanding will enable them to move.
  4. Your teeth may become sore – Your teeth will become sore for almost three days after you wear the new set of aligner trays. Some weeks will be worse while other weeks might be better.
  5. Change the trays from time to time – Your Invisalign provider will ask you to change the invisible trays once in every 2 weeks. This will differ from the person undergoing the procedure.
  6. Eating with trays inside your mouth is harmful – When you have the trays inside your mouth, the only thing you may have is water. If you eat or drink anything else, then it is advised to take out the trays.
  7. Brush teeth after eating – Brushing your teeth at least two times a day and flossing daily is necessary to keep them strong and healthy. This will prevent the formation of unwanted stain marks and getting them damaged quickly.
  8. Remind your family and friends – You will have to remind your friends and family members that you are undergoing the treatment when you visit their place. This is because they will insist you to eat and drink certain things that might cause damage to your teeth and delay the entire procedure.
  9. Time needed to wear your aligners – You can remove the braces for 4 hours at the most daily and other times, you should wear them properly. This ensures the treatment will be done successfully within the specified time.
  10. Do not throw away used trays – There is a possibility that you might nee to use your old braces in case the present trays get damaged or are broken. In such cases, it is wise enough to wear your old aligners till you visit your provider.
  11. Keep your invisible braces clean and dirt free – If the Invisalign braces have a whitish film, then it is the accumulation of calcium on them. It is suggested that you clean the trays with a toothbrush and toothpaste to keep them completely free from dirt.
  12. Use tray holders – There will be a blue and a red tray holder and the blue one is used for your present stage while the red one for the previous stage. You need to keep the old trays safely in the original packaging and store one tray holder in the bathroom and carry the other one with you.
  13. Visit your orthodontist frequently – You will have to see an orthodontist once in every 4 to 6 weeks. During the visits, he will check if your teeth are moving properly and you are ready to proceed onto the next stage. This is the time when they sand in between your teeth, if required.
  14. Avoid removing braces in public places – You should not takeout saliva-covered trays in public places. This is because there are chances you might damage them or they may break accidentally. Besides, others will come to know you are undergoing Invisalign treatment.

Thus, you need to consult a dentist for Invisalign in London and know if you are the right candidate for the procedure.


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