12 international news websites for having accurate and unbiased updates

Getting to read fake news is the biggest issue of modern times. News companies are there in the pocket of mega-billionaires. Media bias, inaccurate reporting are there on everybody’s mind. People are not getting the proper information and updates. We are in such an age where trusting any of the news agencies is difficult. There are a number of news agencies but only a few of them provide unbiased and accurate reporting.

Here is the article that will let you know about the few websites from where you can have daily updates.

  1. Associated Press: 

If you read a lot of news, you are going to see Associated Press cited in many of the websites and articles. This is the agency that reports the stories first, then it is picked by other outlets for having their own readers. This is one of the best websites that is non-profit, has no corporate sponsorship, and is not government-funded. All the news covered by AP is unbiased and accurate. So, if you want to have daily updates then you need to subscribe to them.

  1. BBC: 

BBC is one of the largest news reporting organizations in the world, whose main aim is to give the people updates regarding the things taking place in the nations and continent. The history of the BBC is very much good and clear. BBC has had a well-known reputation for the past 100 years. This is a government-funded organization that reports almost everything. AllSides has classified that this is the center of news source- meaning if you want to read accurate and unbiased, then this is the best website. Subscribe to BBC now.

  1. C-SPAN: 

Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network has been reporting since 1979. This is the channel that provides unbiased reporting of the US federal government and US political events. There is very little coverage of governments of the UK, Canada, and Australia. If you are more keen to read about politics then here is the best site for you.

  1. The Next Hint: 

This is the news website that is created to provide people with accurate updates and information about the things taking place all over. The main purpose of The Next Hint website is to keep the generation up-to-date. From this website, you can read almost every type of news like entertainment, technology, finance, business, etc. Check them out to know more.

  1. The Economist: 

By the name only, we are getting it that this is the site more about politics and economy.  AllSides have reported that The Economy is one of the best websites and is having a good reputation for high-quality reporting. This is the publication that considers itself as an enemy of privilege, pomposity, and predictability. Throughout history, The Economist has covered very good news and championed issues on both sides of the political spectrum. 

  1. Active Noon: 

Active Noon is again one of the best news websites from where people can have lots of updates. This is the website from where you can read all sorts of news like entertainment, technology, etc. that are too accurate and unbiased. One of the best things about this website is that they want to keep the people up-to-date with the news by providing proper proof. Read from here.

  1. The Huffington Post: 

This is an American news agency that provides both international as well as local news. All the things that you are interested in reading are available on this website. Moreover, the content provided is totally original and up to date. The Huffington Post is having proper proofs to tell in depth about their sayings. Subscribe to them for reading trustworthy news.


POLITICO is another best news website that provides accurate and up-to-date news to the people. One most important thing you need to know about POLITICO is that it lets you read about politics and policies of the government only. From the name only it gets very much clear that this website is all about politics. If you have a keen interest in knowing about politics, then this is the top-recommended website.

  1. NPR: 

This is a news reporting agency that is strongly associated with liberal political views in the US. NPR has a great reputation for journalistic excellence. NPR has invested in continued government funding but is free from corporate bias. Many of the surveys have shown that this is the best site for having updates. Subscribe to the site today only.

  1. ProPublica: 

If you read from NPR, then you might know about ProPublica. Similar to AP, ProPublica is a non-profit, non-government-funded news organization. In fact, this is the organization that has won a Pulitzer Prize. This is a similar organization like some of the above-mentioned, but it is worth checking. Try this website, if you want to stay updated on a daily basis.

  1. Reuters: 

Reuters is one of the best websites having a long and strong reputation for unbiased reporting. Thomson Reuters is the owner of this organization and tries to provide valuable news to the people. The articles provided by Reuters are of deep analysis but are very much good for having brief information. To read accurate and truthful news, you should try Reuters.

  1. The New York Times: 

This is again an American agency known for covering good news and unbiased reporting. The coverage of this news agency is so perfect that there are no words to explain it. People have claimed that all the news reported by this agency is accurate and unbiased. So, to have daily updates you can get subscribed with The New York Times.

In a nutshell, having proper news updates is important because it will let us know about the situations of the world, country of the continent. News updates will also help people to stay safe from situations like the COVID etc.

Ergo, all the sites mentioned above have earned a reputation through unbiased and accurate reporting only. So, if you are interested in having daily updates then you need to subscribe to at least one of them. Find out your favorite one and start having updates from that only.

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