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10 Tips for Designing A Creative Label and Packaging Design

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Packaging design can seem like a daunting task at first glance, but that is not really the case. Some of the most effective designs are based on surprisingly simple templates through digital proofing software

If you are on the search or are creating cosmetics packaging, food cartons, bottle labels or origami-inspired boxes, you will surely find something inspiring here. 

Packaging requires 2D designs and then transforms them into printed, tactile 3D creations. This is an effective way of bringing strong branded looks to a product or helping the consumer to commit to purchasing. In this article, we look at some pro tips for giving your packaging a stylish, eye-catching look. 

10 Tips for Designing A Creative Label and Packaging Design

1. Make it usable

There is nothing better than making a product package usable in ways greater than it is actually meant to be. A great product package will make the product memorable if it remains usable for the customer even after the product has been used. 

2. Product friendliness of the package

Every package is made for a particular product. Therefore, it should be designed in a way that shows its friendly relation with the product. If the package does not reflect its complementary relationship with the product, it can really hamper the product’s sales. Heinz ketchup introduced its compressible upside-down package along with its complementary package design.

3. Launch special editions

As a seller, you should aim at promoting impulse buying. You should stay tuned to the market, introduce some limited edition of packaging related to whatever is trending. For example, Adidas had introduced a limited edition of football packaging for the FIFA season.  

4. Consider breaking the rules 

Breaking the conventional rules to step away from a monopoly is always a great idea. But while breaking the rules, you should stay conscious of going in the right direction. Almost every industry has some predefined rules. For example, shoes are sold in carton boxes, toothpaste in a tube and so on. If you can create innovative packaging, your product will never go unnoticed. However, you should be careful to not hamper the relationship between the product and its package. 

5. Keeping it simple

At times, less is more. It is a plus to be creative while designing, but you shouldn’t overdo it. The package, as well as the label, should be neat and simple. However, this does not mean that you should hide the required information. You should give all the relevant information on your product package but avoid making it too artistic. Here is a simplistic design by Nibmore. 

6. Keep up with market trends

In this generation of social media, there are many trends that create hype and become memorable. You should keep up with those trends and consider incorporating them into your package and label design. Use the hypes created by movies and media to boost your product’s sales. Consumers will get attracted to your product when you tap into the trends, thereby increasing the sales volume of your product. 

7. Add some humour

You don’t really have to keep your product package and labels serious. You can consider adding some humour to your product packaging to develop a friendly relation with your customers. Adding some great humour will attract customers to your product. 

8. Compete with the product

Your package and label should compete with the product. Your product and package are inseparable, which means that you don’t need to worry about winning or losing. There are many cooking lovers who buy a certain brand of spices because of the different recipes that the packaging provides. 

9. Easy to handle

One of the highly critical features of any product packaging is the ease of handling. If your packaging is not handy, your customers might look for other options in the market. You can consider adding a handle or grooves depending on the product to make it easy for the customer to carry it and use it. 

10. Make it safe

While you think of ideas to make your product all the more attractive to customers, you should also consider keeping the product safe. Edible things need airtight packaging. This means that you cannot directly pack them in a loose carton box. Keep in mind that your package should not affect the shelf life of your product in a bad way. Keeping the product safe for usage is the foremost purpose of any package. 


With the growth of digital print in recent years, it is no longer just enough to have a colour print as the standout design feature of your label. Our tips will help you differentiate from your competition and appeal to customers. Even though some label and packaging design might increase your cost during design development, there is definitely a huge potential for a substantial return on investment. So, get creative and fearless! 


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