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10 steps to write a report

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Essentially, a report is a short, sharp, concise document for a particular purpose and audience. It generally sets outs and analyses a situation or problem, often making recommendations for future action. Here is an suggestions of report writing well-structured format.

In order to write a report, the following steps must be initiated which are as follows:

Step1: Decide on terms of reference–  in order to select on the terms of the reference of the report,  one must read the instructions  as well as the other data which have been given about the report, can take help with tools like bibliography maker . Additionally, it is very important to  even think of the purpose of the report as well.   The questions which must be taken into the consideration for the purpose of the  writing the report are as follows:

  • What is the report about?
  • What is the requirement of the report?
  • What is the reason of the report?
  • When do I need for the report?

Step 2-  decide on the process

This steps indicates the process of planning  the investigation of the way in which one will write the report.  In this context, it is important for the student or the scholar to ask the following questions.

  • What are the information which are required
  • Is any background information is required
  • What are the articles or the document which are required
  • Is the library required for the purpose of help
  • Is interview required for the purpose of observing people?
  • Is recording data important
  • What are the ways in which the report can be conducted

Step3-  find the information

The next step is mainly to  search for the evidence which one  requires to form the report.   For this purpose, you need to read the written material, observe people and even the activities and even talk with the people.  It is highly important for the student to ensure that the evidence is very much correct and appropriate.    In this context, it is important to check the assessment requirement and the guidelines as well as the marking schedule  so that  it can be confirmed that one is on the  correct track.

Step 4- decide on the structure

It can be said that the reports commonly tends to have a  common structure. However, there are some details which may vary. These tends to mainly depend on the type of the report,  the style of the report and the length of the report.

Step 5-  draft the first part of the report

Once the structure is being formed, it is important to write the headings and the start to fill them with the information which one has  gathered.  By this time, the student must be able to draft the terms of the references, procedure, findings and must start to work on the report which must be there in the appendix.

Step 6-  analyse your findings and draw conclusions

The conclusion is the section in which the student analyzes, calculate with fraction calculator the findings and even comprehends what one have perceives. In order to do this,  read through the findings and even ask oneself.

  • What have I assembled
  • What is important about the findings
  • What are the findings suggest

Step 7- Make recommendations

Recommendations can be considered to be the solution to the problem and it can be considered to be the one which happen next.   In order to  decide what to recommend, the following must be taken into the consideration

  • Reread the findings and the conclusions
  • The student must check  that the recommendations are practical and they are mainly logical on the basis of the conclusion
  • The student must incorporate enough detail to ensure what one requires to done and what one must do.

Step 8- Draft  the executive summary and the table of contact

There  are some of the reports which needs the executive summary and the list of the content. They tend to come in the beginning but they must be  conducted in the end.

Step 9-  compile a reference list 

all the references that have been utilized must be incorporated

Step 10- revise your draft report

it is a significant process to revise the work.


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