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10 Popular Cloud Service Providers in 2021

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Over the last few years, cloud commutating has multiplied since most businesses are transitioning to different cloud services. Cloud services have become the focal point of operating systems, software, applications, products, or services. As a result, there has been a vast change in how companies see the benefits of the cloud. As billions of dollars are spent on migration, the opinion about Cloud services has shifted from “optional upgrade” to “absolute business necessity”.
Now, several cloud management platforms offer solutions with the flexibility to manage, build and deliver large and small web-scale mobile and web applications. In addition, they come with plug-and-play capabilities which allow us to use whatever and whenever you need it.
If you are wondering about the top 10 cloud service providers, I have made a list for you based on my experience:

Microsoft azure

A head-to-head competitor with the big dog Amazon web series, the greatest strength of MS Azure lies in the legacy strength in the enterprise. This comes with a long menu of enterprises, mostly notably Office 365. In addition, it has a top-notch PaaS offering that integrates with its public cloud.
It is perfectly positioned to serve customers as automation. It is a full-featured production platform.

Google cloud platform

Google mainly focuses on machine learning, marketing analytics and digital workspaces. From app development to AI training and database management, it is equipped with everything for creating a fully functional cloud environment. For example, GCP uses complete encryption for all communication and data channels, including traffic between data centres. In addition, it offers several APIs related to computer viewing, native language translation and processing. The areas where google Cloud fiercely competes with AWS are cost-effectiveness, machine learning, model setting and payment, privacy and traffic security.

IBM Cloud

One of the reasons for IBM Cloud not being so popular among the public is its own set of technology experts and engineers who tend to do implementations for their clients. The IBM cloud platform supports access to other IBM services and tools, including IBM Cloud Functions and IBM Watson. In addition, it offers services like networking, Storage, Servers and software through the internet.
The IBM Cloud Catalog has a list of over 170 services. Here are a few of its benefits:
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Internet of things (IoT)
Developer tools
Data management

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud offers Platform as a Service (PaaS), Data as a Service (DaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). These services are used to deploy, build, integrate and extend applications in the cloud.
Some of the offerings of Iaas include Governance, Load Balancing, application development, integration, Security, Data management, Business analytics, DNS monitoring, FastConnect, Ravello, Content and Enterprise.


Rackspace Cloud provides several cloud computing services like Cloud Backup, web hosting applications, Cloud servers, Database management, Cloud Block Storage.

This platform utilises encryption methods to provide record-level reinforcements at a low cost. Dependent on the usage, the cloud service will charge you.

Alibaba Cloud

Founded in 2009, the purpose of Alibaba was to serve in the e-commerce ecosystem. Today, it is the biggest cloud service provider in China that provides various services and products in multiple categories, including Elastic computing, networking, Storage and CDN, Database and services. It is available around the globe in 19 regions and is present in 56 availability zones.


Developed by SAP SE, SAP Cloud Platform is a German multinational software corporation based in Baden-Wurttemberg, Walldorf. The platform is used to create apps or extend existing apps in a secured cloud computing environment managed by SAP itself. It offers tax service, SAP Cloud Platform Big Data services, SAP cloud platform ASE service, SAP localisation, and SAP cloud platform document service.


American developed VMWare Cloud computing. It is a publicly-traded software company from California. Their website clearly states, “you have the freedom to build and deploy modern applications, from the data center to multiple clouds and edge environments. Migrate seamlessly between environments and ensure that all data and applications remain secure and protected in any cloud.”

It lets businesses run multiple operating system and application workloads on the one server. VMWare is one of the most popular companies for private and hybrid cloud deployments and for its hypervisor products. Some of its partnerships include IBM, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle. It is the best choice if you are looking for building quality applications in a containerised and cloud-based environment. It is compatibles with all types of applications, including those inside apps and containers built using microservices.

Amazon web series (AWS)
Launched in 2002, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular cloud service provider in the world. It comes with 165 fully-features services from data centres, including DynamoDB, AWS Data transfer, Virtual private cloud, elastic compute cloud, and simple storage service, EC2. It is the most widely available cloud service and is used by millions of customers. Its security offers services that include DDoS mitigation, infrastructure security, data encryption, among others.

Red hat

Red Hat is a multinational company that is engaged in providing open-source software products to the enterprise community. The organisation was founded in 1993 and became IBM’s subsidiary in 2019. It is known to create, maintain and contribute to many free software projects. In fact, it is the first-ever company to realise free software can be sold as a product. In addition, Red Hat develops software that pushes boundaries of technological ability by collaborating with open-source communities.


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