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10 Must-Have Home Essentials that you must Add to your Registry

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Gift registries are created to avail items of our choice.  Wedding couples find it more convenient to create registries online as it is more accessible to use for both the couples and the wedding guest. It is also essential to go sustainable with gifts. It reduces a ton of waste produced in a single wedding. Off late, couples have become more conscious of what they want as gifts.  Let us look at 10 must-have home essentials that you must add to your gift registry.

We all know that home essential play an important role in a newlywed couple’s house. They are generally gifted with home appliances or with other home decor items. But most of these gifts tend to come in large numbers in a wedding without a wedding gift registry. Here are some suggestions to avoid wastage of gifts as these are gifts which will be used by couples as they start a new life together.


An electric kettle is a very good gift option as its highly used by not only couples but for anyone. It is easy to use and it is not very expensive. It is one of the frequently used kitchenware.  It will be utilized by the couple in their new house. Considering the time when the virus spreading in different forms, it is advised to drink hot water and hot beverages to avoid the infection. Considering the fact of how vulnerable we are to the pandemic drinking hit water will increase the immunity of the body.

Matching pillow and bedsheets covers

Pillow and bedsheet covers are other options for the wedding couple. Frequently changing the best sheet is essential and it is also a sign of practising hygiene in the new family. Therefore a couple would welcome the chance to have a new set of bedsheets in their new house. But sure you purchase the right size in measurements of the bedding they have.

Water Heater

As a new member enters the family, a new electric water heater will also be a good gift option as it allows the bathroom to have a smooth hot water facility. Water heaters do not cost much as they range between 8000 to 10000 rupees. This can be given as a group gift or through a gift registry – if the couple has created one.

Organization Tools

Wardrobes and other organizational tools are of good use as full with most likely experience a new wardrobe because of the amount of how to fix they tend to buy during their wedding which wishes to not stuff it in their old wardrobe. Therefore a new wardrobe or any other arranging tool helps them to keep their things in a more organized manner in their house. Consider buying compact organising tools which require only a limited space.

Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers are another good option to gift couples. You may collect gift vouchers from various brands which allow couples to buy product choices from a particular store or website. It will be easy for couples to choose gifts from the voucher amount. Gift vouchers usually range between 500 rupees to even 1,00,000 rupees. The guests can choose wisely on the gift voucher amount. But make sure it stands relevant for the particular voucher. Guests can also form a group and gift vouchers.

Kitchen Utilities

Kitchen appliances are one of the best gift options which the guests can consider buying for the couple. Every gift registry consists of at least one kitchenware. This shows that couples make use of new kitchenwares, regardless of moving to a new house or not.

Personalised Gifts

This is a unique way to express the love for the couple as they get gifted with something very personal to them. Personalised gift options create a very special impact amidst the other gifts available. It can be a coffee mug,  nameplate, a keyholder or even an edible gift of your choice.  If you are thinking of giving something very personal to the couples, make sure it sets a very emotional note on it. Perhaps a handwritten note with the poetic or any kind of message which draws an exceptional marking or remembrance for the couples.

Vacation Voucher

This is another new way of expressing love for the wedding couple by gifting them a honeymoon package. Gifting a vacation the experience they set an exceptional remembrance, as one of the most impactful gifts. This can be also given as a group gift. Many travel websites provide a vacation voucher. If not vacation vouchers, even experience vouchers that enable spa and other services will be a good gift option. The couple would anyway plan a holiday. Therefore a honeymoon holiday voucher will cover most of the holiday cost. Couples will definitely enjoy vacation vouchers.

Luggage Bags

Luggage bags are another good gift option. A good and durable luggage bag will unexpectedly be in need for the couples as they might find to go on a vacation, a honeymoon or a quick getaway. So, considering buying luggage for the wedding couple is another thoughtful gift option. Make sure a good and trusted brand is added.

Cash Gifts

This is of the most traditional gifting the wedding couples. Cash gifts will always be on the list of useful gift items for gifting at a wedding. In the 21st century, we have options to even cash gift online for the wedding couple through their online gift registry. It has become more accessible for couples as well as the guest to get and contribute cash gift respectively.

These are some of the thoughtful gift options which mostly add value to the couples as they might require them. Instead of gifting the cliche wedding gifts like a clock or a photo frame, consider opting for gifts from a wedding gift registry. For the couples creating a wedding gift registry, it is advised to plan their catalogue together as they get to understand what they require for the future home. Visit Wedding Wishlist – No. 1 Wedding Gift Registry website in India, offering the best gift registry services in the country.



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