10 Mobile App Development Tools Every Successful Developer Must Have In 2021

The mobile revolution is reaching its apotheoses all around the digital world.
It is evident the mobile app market has become prodigious, and it will keep evolving. As of 2021, there are about 1.96 million apps in the Apple App Store and 2.87 million mobile apps in the Google Play Store available to download. If that is not spectacular and impressive enough, the massive mobile app market is predicted to generate about USD 14 billion by 2023. Thus, if you too aim to leverage the benefits of a mobile app, it’s high time you develop one to reach new heights of success in no time. But, with a plethora of app development tools available in the market, choosing the best platform isn’t easy. To that end, I have enlisted the must-have mobile app development tools to develop a world class seamless app in no time.
Let’s dive straight in!

Mobile Application Development Platform: A Quick Overview

Statista says, “83% of businesses target to launch an app on Google Play Store, while 59% of respondents build apps for Apple’s App Store”. Again, as per the new report of the Sensor Tower, the iOS App Store and Google play store contributed to $93.7 billion app revenue in the first half of 2019, and the number is growing rapidly.”
A mobile application development platform (MADP) is a brilliant suite of services, tools, and technologies. It enables any individual to assemble different features and elements. Also, it offers various IDEs, code-free developments, API, templates, data synchronization, and analytics. This helps mobile app developers ensure quicker app development.
With the aid of a MADP, it is required to maintain only one codebase to enable compatibility with other devices, platforms, and networks. Thus, it streamlines the otherwise daunting process of developing mobile apps, that too at a low-cost price.

The Top Tools For Mobile App Development In 2021

React Native
Developed by Facebook, Inc., React Native is a well-renowned open-source mobile app development tools used for iOS and Android. It implements the “learn once, write everywhere” protocol. In this remarkable app, JavaScript is the key language and offers a remarkable chance for native functionality.
Speeds up the development process and reduces the costs like a free plagiarism checker.
The already created pieces of code can be reused.
Accomplishing a close-to-native experience becomes possible.
Community-driven, thus fantastic support.


Xamarin is a highly preferred mobile app development tool especially created for native applications. The tool reuses business logic layers and data access across multiple platforms. It is widely used to develop apps for Windows, iOS, and Android app development.


Xamarin Component Store incorporates UI controls, cross-platform libraries, and third-party libraries.
It is a remarkable mono framework that facilitates communication with the API of mobile devices.
Allows application Indexing and Deep Linking
Tend to produce fewer bugs and hence offers faster time to the market


With 60% of Fortune 100 companies depending on Sencha, it is a fantastic mobile app development tools that go beyond the mark. Sencha Ext JS is a comprehensive JavaScript framework for developing cross-platform web and mobile apps for any modern device.
A useful tool for creating native apps without the need of wasting any time on setup.
Rationalized configuration system
Eminent developers can easily code in the HTML5 format witha touch software development kit.
Presently supported on WebKit browsers, with the inclusion of famous Google Android and Apple iOS platforms.


Created by Nitobi and acquired by Adobe Systems in 2011, PhoneGap is an open-source network. It is a completely free-to-use mobile app development framework that falls into the category of cross-platform app development. This platform can also create a single app that works remarkably on almost all mobile devices.
PhoneGap works effectively on HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.
It enables the development of different mobile applications with less investment of time and effort.
Robust tool for developing apps without any exclusive skill set.


Kobiton is a brilliant platform that helps in making Continuous Testing and Mobile/IoT DevOps a reality. With its aid, you can easily avoid bugs before pushing the code to test and perfect your mobile app or website with Functional, Performance, and Visual Test Automatic.


Helps in testing on real devices in the cloud
Facilitates integration with Travis CI, Jenkins, CircleCI, and the likes.
Commercial scalability with unlimited user policy
Access to real devices within the IDE for rapid debugging.


GeneXus offers a brilliant unique platform that captivates the requirements of the users effectively and generates applications for present and future technologies. The platform enables pragmatic developers to evolve swiftly, responding to the technological and market changes with agility.


AI-based automatic software generation
Its flexibility supports the largest number of databases in the market
Supports digital process automation through integrated BPM Modeling.
Deploys app on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid scenarios.


Swiftic is a remarkable iPhone app development software. It has an incredibly easy-to-navigate interface that makes creating an app a breeze, even for the novice.
Helps in creating a custom app and loyalty program for any business
Reach out to customers by sending them eye-captivating push notifications
Enables the publishing of app on the leading stores
Allows the development of improved customer loyalty


A close look at technology academic writing service forums will help you realize Ionic comes into the picture when you desire to develop an interactive hybrid mobile and progressive web apps along with cross-platform applications. A unique benefit of using this fantastic open-source framework is that you can easily create applications and ship them to deployable locations every time you design an app.


The platform is a 100% free and open-source project
Comes adorned with numerous CSS and JavaScript components for creating mobile apps
Emulates the native app UI guidelines and makes use of native SDKs


Mendix is perhaps the most swift and easiest low-code platform. Thus, it is widely used by numerous reputed businesses who aim to develop mobile apps for high performance. Moreover, it accelerates the delivery of enterprise applications, ranging from ideation to deployment and operations.


It can be used for low-code and no-code platforms
Created on unparalleled cloud architecture
Enables rapid building, deploying, and operation of enterprise-grade applications
Impeccable functionalities and exceptional customer support.


NativeScript is one of the highly preferable platforms to create native mobile applications. It is an open-source framework that enables the writing and deploying native mobile apps for Android and iOS from a single code base.


 The platform accelerates the learning curve with the use of skills to create native mobile apps.
 Helps in creating native mobile apps with JavaScript. You can also use web skills, like CSS and Angular.
 Numerous NativeScript plugins are available to empower the native mobile apps.

Wrapping Up

There are numerous app development tools that can aid you in creating a high-end app seamlessly. Ranging from robust development features to incredible faster market time, their frameworks have it all. Thus, if you are willing to gain an edge over your competitors, it’s time to take action and invest in a world-class app by getting it developed on a platform that best suits your preferences. Wish you h-APP-y luck!

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