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10 Interactive Language Activities for Preschoolers

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One of the many things that a parent focuses in the developing years of their preschooler is their language skills. Kids begin their journey of language with the development of reception and expression. These need to be grilled and polished so that eventually your kid gets a fluent grasp over it. Interactive language activities for preschoolers provide great help in this process. One may indulge in various creative ways of doing so. Here Preschool Fontana will discuss the 10 Interactive Language activities for your kids development.

Some Language Activities for Preschoolers

1. Storytelling is the most common and extensively explored way. Developed by our grandmothers, an effective way to encourage the development of language in a preschooler. We, at Preschool Fontana read and tell age-appropriate stories to ensure that the preschooler never loses interest. We stock a vast range of books and also employ board books as well as sensory books that prompt your preschooler to touch and feel them.

2. Get your preschooler to bake! The kitchen provides an unimaginable scope for language activities. Keep talking to your preschooler at each step of baking and you’ll be surprised at the plethora of words that you’ll get him/her exposed to.

3. Playing with construction toys and building blocks is one such language activity for your preschooler that promotes their creativity long with linguistic skills. You get to introduce your preschooler to a bunch of words associated with size and shapes.

4. Music is for all ages. Musical games are a fun way to get your preschooler to get to learn words. It has been reported that rhymes and songs help them remember and associates words and phrases much quicker than any other activity.

5. The dressing-up box is another place that holds items that work splendidly as prompts for a language activity. Get role-playing and witness your child’s hidden talents of imagination and use of vocabulary.

6. Picture books are a visual delight for every kid. Theme-specific books provide immense scope to introduce your preschooler with words related to the given topic. When words are associated with images they are seldom forgotten. Deduce the best interest of your child and pick a book accordingly.

7. Sand play and sensory trays trigger secondary vocabulary. As the preschooler gets a feel of items presented to him/her and tries to talk about them it boosts its vocabulary manifold. Use articles with different textures, shapes, and sizes. Mix them and get the kids to sort them while striking a conversation about each.

8. Paper plates come in a variety of colors and shapes. Involve your kid in some creative craftwork using them. Get them to experiment with stickers, glue, wool, felt pieces, old magazines, colored licky sticky paper, and markers and stamps – don’t miss to keep talking about them simultaneously!

9. Painting and drawing is something that almost all kids cherish. Get them to express themselves through the stroke of their brush and then get into an elaborate discussion of what they drew/ painted. This is one of the most effective ways of developing linguistic skills in a preschooler.

10. Card games are exceptions as they introduce your preschooler to numbers – another integral part of the language. It also enhances social interaction with the child. Get them to make pairs, add numbers, snap, etc.

The key to language development in your preschooler is interaction with him/her. You need to observe your kid for his likes and dislikes and pick an interactive language activity accordingly. Keep throwing new words and phrases at him, preferably in conjunction with the associated item or picture or sense. This will help them relate the word and remember it in a much efficient manner.

With today’s busy lives parents often cannot expand so much time and energy and hence here we are to relieve you from all worries! Infant Care Escondido is an elaborate area to accommodate all such activities that would promote the development of a rich language skills in your preschooler.


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