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10 Healthcare Tech Trends Worth Keeping an Eye On

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The healthcare sector in every country is experiencing rapid growth. The main reason behind this shift is COVID-19, but COVID-19 is not the only reason. The intense change of the healthcare industry is the concern of people towards their health. If you are an owner of a healthcare business, you might be aware of the advantages you experience with its digitalization. Digital transformation in the healthcare industry brings a lot of positive results. Here are some of the leading healthcare tech trends worth keeping an eye on that will help you grow your healthcare business and services. 

List of 10 Healthcare Tech Trends beneficial for your Business 


Telemedicine is a practice of conducting virtual meetings between doctor and patient. It’s a cost-effective method for doctors and as well as for patients too. Telemedicine helps to eliminate many physical barriers that may incur a lot of cost and time. Patients also do not have any need to wait in line to get an appointment. Hiring an experienced Healthcare App Development Company will let you provide the best services to your patients using Telemedicine. 

The telemedicine market is expanding from its current size of $45 billion to $175.5 billion in the next few years. 

The Internet of Medical Things

The combination of Telemedicine with the Internet of things is the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). The IoMT brings the digital and physical world of the healthcare industry together to improve and speed up the accuracy of diagnosis and treatments. Healthcare owners can improve their organization’s productivity and efficiency by smooth workflow and low-cost operations. The healthcare business owners can observe the growth in 24 to 30 months. 

According to the recent surveys, it was valued at $41.2 billion in 2017, which may go up to around $158.1 billion by 2022. 

Low-Level Light Therapy

Low-level light therapy (LLLT) is the oldest trend that is worth keeping eyes on because it helps to restore health by removing the cause of ill-health. LLLT was not developed evenly, and it is backed by years of research and as well as various experiments also. LLLT helps to increase the oxygen flow and as well as improvise the neurotransmitter release. It is one of the most promising techniques for developing premature hair loss spaces. This technique has a direct impact on almost 10 million men and as well as women also annually. 

With LLLT caps, patients can improve their cellular respiration and increase hair follicle growth. 

Wearable Health Devices

The increasing demand for being able to monitor self-health by people initiate the growth of wearable health devices. Using mobile devices, one can track information and data of their health by themselves. Healthcare App Development Company will help you connect with patients using wearable health devices. These wearable devices include self-adhesive trackers like heart rate sensors, exercise trackers, sweat meters, oximeters, and many more.

It will grow up to $31.5 billion by 2024 from a recent share of $21.2 billion in 2019, capturing an 8.3 percent annual growth rate. 

AR in Healthcare

Augmented Reality helps the therapists gather data for tailoring care plans for patients, and it also provides flexibility in physical therapy. It is understood as the rapid growth of robotic surgeries. It captures a large area in the healthcare industry as it turns science fiction into reality and helps to work smoothly on different cases. 


Blockchain is in trend since 2020 in the healthcare industry due to COVID-19. The blockchain system helps in interoperability for keeping under control the increasing rise of disease. Digitalization in the blockchain system enables healthcare providers to distribute transactional records to patients towards the condition. It is easy to consolidate it with the situation, and it also saves costs of evaluating disease transactions manually. 

Virtual Reality Treatment

Virtual Reality treatment, also called therapy, creates sensory illusions that provide an authentic experience. It is a powerful communication channel that allows you to get a better real sense of patients’ health needs. Virtual as well as augmented reality in the healthcare market will rise by $5.1 billion in 2025. 

Immunity passports

An immunity passport is an evidence that s/he has been vaccinated against the particular virus. Such passports or certificates come in QR codes or another form that allows people to travel and work without affecting the government restrictions due to the disease. 

Healthcare Apps

Amazon’s move in the pharmacy market is growing from 2020. It shows the tech giant’s plans for the future. Amazon deals with healthcare devices, medicines, and other health-related services. Building a platform like Amazon will help you capture a significant share in the market. For this, you need a Healthcare App Development Company that will create such a technique for your business. 

Improvement In Data Science and Predictive Analytics

Data is an essential component in every area. Improving and adequately analyzing data science gives doctors a clear insight into the patients’ health. These data may familiarize doctors with patients’ ancestry, family hierarchy, and also with other health risks. Data science will help the health workers monitor and treat patients more accurately. 


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