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10 Food Trip Destinations in Tagaytay

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Tagaytay’s beautiful view of Taal Volcano and its cool climate make it a popular destination for foreign tourists and Filipinos living primarily in the CALABARZON and Metro Manila Areas, especially during the arid days of summer. And believe it or not, some people tend to book a unit at Staycation Tagaytay with pool accommodation to have a refreshing dip in the waters regardless of the temperature in the said city.

However, almost two years into the pandemic, many things have changed. People had to undergo community quarantines, and most leisurely activities were temporarily put on halt. Most restaurants only catered to customers through pick-up and food deliveries. As the economy slowly gets back on its feet, the city now again opening its doors to tourists with a never-ending love for Tagaytay.

Many people travel south for more than just the scenery and the cold temperature of the city. Some people travel to Tagaytay in search of some of the finest restaurants in the country. Tagaytay will always draw food adventurers for its famous hot bowl of Bulalo and exquisite wide variety of treats.

These are the ten Tagaytay food destinations you should add to your bucket list.

1. Sonya’s Garden

This restaurant is both classic and romantic. It was the site of a proposal that sparked the public’s love affair with Sonya’s Garden. It can be found at Barangay Estate, Alfonso Cavite 4123.

Sonya Garcia’s country lifestyle is the thematic inspiration behind the restaurant. It offers a view of the natural world, solitude, and warm hospitality. You can choose to stay over and enjoy country living, and the Bed and Breakfast are perfect for a romantic getaway in Tagaytay.

Sonya’s Garden has an organic fixed-price menu. Guests can add additional entries to the set menu for those who prefer meat dishes, such as Braised Chicken or Roast Chicken. However, the Bed and Breakfast flair can vary from season to season. Guests with special dietary requirements can make arrangements in advance.

2. Antonio’s

Antonio’s interior is homey with rustic and elegant interiors; this is the ideal restaurant for those who want to experience Tagaytay’s finest dining. It is owned and operated by Chef Tony Boy Escalante. It can be found at Purok138, Barangay Negan, Tagaytay. This restaurant is perfect for special occasions due to its exquisite cuisine and exceptional service.

3. Balay Dako

Balay Dako, part of Antonio’s Group of Restaurants, is proud to serve authentic Filipino cuisines – from indigenous dishes created before there was written history to those inspired before the Philippines was colonized. It is part of Antonio’s Group, which means that customers can enjoy the best Filipino food at a lower price. Tourists and food lovers can find it at Nasugbu-Tagaytay Road in Silang Crossing West of Tagaytay.

4. Leslie’s Ridge and Restaurant

Many people travel to Tagaytay just for a bowl or two of Bulalo. If you’re one of these people, head to Leslie’s Ridge and Restaurant at 152 Tagaytay-Nagbu Hwy in Tagaytay. They serve the finest Bulalo. They also offer Filipino cuisines in generous portions, such as Crispy Pata or Kare-Kare.

Because of its stunning view of Taal Lake, this restaurant is one of Tagaytay’s most loved food spots. This restaurant is perfect for intimate dinners or celebrations.

5. Marcia Adams’

Who would have thought that traveling to Tagaytay could give people the chance to experience Mediterranean-inspired dishes? Marcia Adams has made it possible for you to enjoy a dining experience comparable to the ones you will find in Europe.

Marcia Adams, the restaurant’s co-owner, is its name. She has a passion for gardening, food, architecture, and gardens. You can see this passion in their dining areas inspired by France, Spain, Greece, or France. Neil Adams, her husband, an expert in Mediterranean cuisine and design, created a unique dining experience. If visitors are anywhere near a Tagaytay residences staycation, they will find it at Sikat Rd. Alfonso in 4123 Cavite; this is on the border of Tagaytay & Alfonso.

6. Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant

Tagaytay is filled with garden-themed cafes, making it difficult for people to choose if they are looking. If you are looking for a unique and delicious Thai restaurant, why not check out Lime and Basil in Tagaytay–a garden café that serves authentic Thai food. Thai cuisine is one of the most distinctive and refined Asian cuisines. It has complex flavors that range from sweet to salty and sour to spicy.

Its location is within Alfonso Metro-Tagaytay. This restaurant can offer a relaxed and casual dining experience, where food is prepared fresh to order. Locally grown ingredients are available for guests to see while taking an herb and vegetable gardens tour.

7. Dreamland Arts and Cafe

Dreamland Arts and Cafe captures bohemian living. The stunning bohemian style can be seen from the restaurant’s entrance to the interior design that makes an excellent place for a staycation in Tagaytay. It can appeal to any guest’s inner artist and offers an affordable menu.

This restaurant is perfect for anyone looking for Instagram-worthy photos, coffee cravings, or boho trinkets. It can be found at Purok 157 Calamba Road in Tagaytay 4120 Cavite and is open 24/7.

8. Cafe Voi La

Cafe Voi La is known for its Asian-inspired escape. The restaurant serves comfort food that is home-style and offers a mix of Asian cuisine with other international dishes. The restaurant’s exquisite and unique ambiance adds comfort to your dining experience. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with Asian art and ornaments. There are also colorful lanterns, artistic designs, and fine fixtures. This restaurant is located at Iruhin Crosswinds in Tagaytay.

9. Mr. Kimchi Tagaytay

Many Filipinos are passionate about Korean culture, and it is not hard to see how popular culture has been infused by Korean influences – even in food. In the last few years, there has been an increase in Korean barbeque restaurants. If you want to make your Samgyup experience even more memorable, then dine with Mr. Kimchi Tagaytay.

Enjoy the beautiful view of Taal Lake while you soak in the soft sunlight and feel the cool breeze from Tagaytay City. It can be found at 6B Calamba Road in Barangay San Jose, 4120 Tagaytay City.

10. Fire Lake Grill

Fire Lake Grill is a family-owned business that has been in existence since 2005. It is located at the Cliffhouse in Tagaytay and is one of the few elegant restaurants along the Aguinaldo Highway. This modern Continental grill offers a variety of grilled specialties, including meats and seafood.

The minimalist interior design of the restaurant is complemented by chill lounge music and relaxed table settings. The stunning view of Taal Volcano makes it even more enjoyable to eat; this is a great place to host intimate dinners with family and friends.

As tourism sprouts back, people are asked to follow health protocols such as wearing facemasks and face shields and bringing hand sanitizers or alcohol for personal use to help in preventing the spread of coronavirus. In addition, almost all these restaurants offer al fresco dining instead of the usual dine-in set up so people could still enjoy their meal while enjoying the ambiance of Tagaytay.

10 Food Trip Destinations in Tagaytay


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