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10 Easy Home Staging Tips

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Home staging is a practice of furnishing and integrating style and home décor to a property for sale to elevate its marketability and appeal to potential buyers. In recent years, the UK property market has acquired this practice from the American real estate industry. It is widely known as home styling to present the property in its best possible form to attract buyers and renters. 

Good home staging tactics can make or break a sale. Moreover, it can help the property stand out from the competition. The real estate market is tough to penetrate; therefore, strategic and creative means must be implemented to stay above and beyond the competition. This article has ten quick and easy home staging tips for integrating into your subsequent home viewing.

Focus on significant rooms

Home staging budgets are usually on the frugal side. With this, better to focus efforts and resources on living spaces that count. The bedroom, living area, and kitchen are the essential areas for renters and buyers. So, first, showcase functional and beautiful elements like lighting fixtures, fitted bedrooms, and kitchen counters. Then, contact your local contractor to refurbish these elements that can elevate the home value and charm.

Keep it tidy and organised

Clear out the clutter and implement general cleaning before home viewing. A cluttered home is an eyesore with unnecessary items left around that make a room less spacious and appealing. So instead, put your best foot forward by channelling your inner Marie Kondo by disposing of things you no longer need. 

Repair and maintenance

Tackle repair and maintenance issues from the major ones to minor jobs. Replace outdated and old appliances and furnishings. In addition, applying a fresh coat of paint can give a home an added oomph.  

Integrate light

Integrate updated lighting fixtures and design hacks in the home by applying bold and sculptural decor. Brighten typically dark corners like windowless areas by investing in table and floor lamps. 

Integrate greenery and nature

Houseplants and blooms are proven additions that can elevate the ambience of dreary spaces in an instant. If resources are limited to tend for living plants, invest in artificial ones that look incredibly realistic. The best houseplants and blooms to explore are the following.

  • Monstera
  • Fig trees
  • Mistletoe Cactus
  • Velvet Calathea

Kitchen staging is everything

The kitchen is one of the significant focal points in a home. Implement low-budget and minimal fixes into it, especially if it looks outdated. For example, repair and apply a fresh coat of paint into kitchen cabinets and integrate retiling if needed. 

The first impression lasts

Give potential buyers and renters the assurance that the property is well maintained and looked after. Invest time and resources to carefully stage the door and front yard by refreshing the landscape and organising the door area. At this point, the first impression indeed lasts.

Build focal points

Create focal points in critical rooms by arranging the furniture symmetrically to create an easy-looking area where the eyes are typically drawn.

Never personalize

When staging a house for buyers and renters, eliminate personal items on display such as photos, utility bills, toys, and knick-knacks. Instead, build a calm and neutral ambiance.

Always be a neutral

Veer away from statement wall colors and go for subtle shades of whites and neutral tones.

Most home viewers cannot decide if a home is staged or not, primarily if it’s staged in such a way that it highlights its beauty, charm, and potential. In addition, a successful home staging paves the way for possible buyers and renters to imagine a property as their perfect home in the future.


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