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10 Creative Ways to Use Offers and Discounts While shopping

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Online shopping is the way to go. There’s no need to load the kids into the car merely to beat the throngs at the supermarket. You will just need yourself, your computer, and a piece of plastic. Online Shopping Offers BD, coupons, discounts, and bargains are all available. Most online retailers will have to decide whether to give discounts, when to provide discounts, and how much the discounts should be worth at some point.

Discounts may be a great tool in your conversion arsenal for increasing client loyalty. However, if utilized carelessly, you might do severe damage to your brand or, worse, become unprofitable. In this piece, we’ll go over some of the advantages and disadvantages of giving offers for your online business, as well as some of the most common methods you can utilize discounts to build customer loyalty and conversions and, of course, how to utilize them most successfully

www.flokoin.com is a website where customer can find better discounts and offers for their searching products. There is a lot of way to find the discounts in flokoin website.

In this blog we will help you to know 10 creative ways to use offers and discount in Online Shopping Offers BD.

Offers by Shop

In www.flokoin.com a customer can have offers from the shop. There is an option ‘OFFER BY SHOP’ in FloKoin where customer can find offers of shop. The shops who has discount in products they are listed on this page. Customer can find the best shop there to buy their desire product.

Offer by Brand

Customers may get brand deals at www.flokoin.com. In FloKoin, there is an option called ‘OFFER BY BRAND’ where customers may locate brand deals. This article lists the stores that provide product discounts. Customers may locate the best retailer to buy their desired items there.

Get one free when you buy two

This discount may require a customer to acquire two of the same inventory item, or it may allow for a free item that is not included in the first purchase. This discount is used to clear out inventory or, more broadly, when a product’s gross margin is high enough to produce an appropriate profit for the seller.

Free Shipping

If a discount coupon is used, or if purchases are placed within a specified time frame, the vendor will provide free delivery. Because the shipment date may be delayed, this is related to the order date rather than the shipment date.

Order-specific discounts

A vendor may be providing a special discount on specific inventory items, or on all things but only for a limited time. A discount is applied to a specific order in either situation. If the discount is solely for particular inventory items, it is limited to certain line items inside the client order.

Price breaks Discount

If the quantity of items ordered surpasses a certain threshold, the buyer may be eligible for an instant discount on the transaction. If this is the case, the discount is applied when the order is placed. Because the seller may ship in a lower quantity, which is not the buyer’s fault, the discount should not be applied at the time of shipment. This is an alternative to a bulk discount.

Seasonal discount

At seasons of the year when sales are typically slow, a price discount may be provided. A hotel at a ski resort, for example, may offer reduced pricing during the summer months when it would normally have few customers.

Trade Discount

This is a discount given to merchants in exchange for stocking the seller’s goods. This reduction is frequently required when the buyer has strong influence over the seller.


On the spinning page, customers have three options: ‘Get great deals by playing,’ ‘10% discounts on foster clerks,’ and ‘Better luck next time.’ The user will be able to spin once and try their luck.

Latest Coupon

Flokoin always has the most recent coupon. Where users may locate the things they want in their desired category. The user will obtain the coupon from the page, and he will be required to provide the coupon to the business. The voucher will be concealed behind a QR code. The shop will scan the code to obtain the specifics of the coupon as well as the percentage of the discount.

Customers begin their allegiance to online businesses that deliver a great customer experience and constant excitement by offering the examples above of attractive. Online Shopping Offers BD, coupons, discounts, and deals to accelerate sales while also improving brand affinity.


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