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10 Best Whisky Brands in The World

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If you’re a whisky drinker, then it’s a great time to taste new spirits as there are several options available at your disposal these days. Here’s a comprehensive list of the 10 best whisky brands from all across the world to get a unique drinking experience: 

  1. Archie Rose 

Being one of the best producers of whiskies, rums, vodkas, and gins in Australia, the Archie Rose offers premium spirits distilled from malted barley and rye. It also features a rich cereal nose with notes of orchard fruits that make it an unparalleled choice among the various brands available. 

2. Paul John Oloroso 

Distilled in India, the Paul John Oloroso is a coastal whisky often praised for its nutty and sweet taste notes. It maintains a great balance of intensity and character and offers unique notes of vanilla and custard with every sip. 

3. Umiki Whisky 

Straight from the distilleries of Yoshino Spirits Co, the Umiki Whisky offers a unique aged experience by being the only ocean-infused whisky kept in pine barrels. It blends water from the Pacific Ocean with Japanese grain and malt whiskies. 

4. Starward 

Starward is one of the most popular names in the Australian spirits market and offers various exemplary single malt whiskies in its product line. Their whiskies are matured in red wine casks and provide a fruity and butter finish on the palate with an exceptionally smooth taste. 

5. Highland Park 

With a sharp taste and artistic bottle designs, Highland Park has a history that dates back to over 200 years for providing quality spirits. It features several products with varying price ranges that offer amazing flavor profiles you’ll never forget. 

6. Johnnie Walker 

Being a prominent choice for both experts and novice whisky admirers, Johnnie Walker still remains crowned king of unrivaled spirits. It’s one of the most widely distributed whisky brands in the world that fits the bill for almost every occasion. 

7. Balvenie 

Handcrafted by vetted distillers from top to bottom, the Balvenie whisky never fails to set it apart from the crowd. It features various options like Speyside that offer classic malts with a rich complexion, distilled straight from sherry casks. 

8. Dalmore 

Being an award-winning single malt producer, the Dalmore whisky is surely worth trying for every whisky enthusiast. It has a unique fruity character and an incompetent prestige that makes it one of the most popular luxury whiskies available in the world. 

9. Lagavulin 

Often known as the biggest competitor of Laphroaig, the Lagavulin whisky offers a smoky flavor through brown peaty flowers, distilled from Solan Lochs. Once the drink goes through the famous maturation process of the company, it becomes ready to rock the shelves. 

10. Jack Daniel 

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Jack Daniel still maintains its position as one of the best-selling American whisky. Its exceptionally smooth taste and ranging taste notes are the reason why this brand exists on the list. 

Bottom Line 

Nowadays, there are several unique whisky brands available with varying ages and flavor profiles on Thewhiskypedia. The brands listed above are some of the top-selling ones across the world. 


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