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10 Best Cards for Clash Royale

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Welcome to the world of Clash Royale, where strategy and skill meet in epic card battles! In this list, we unveil the ten best cards that will take your gameplay to the next level. From powerful troops to devastating spells, these cards are essential in dominating the arenas and crushing your opponents. And, don’t forget to grab your Razer Gold Pin from OffGamers to stock up on your gaming needs!

1. Balloon

As a card that targets building, Balloon is an extremely useful card to have in your arsenal. Especially since if it is not shot down on time, it will prove to be disastrous for your buildings. If you have a Wizard or Witch you can possibly take it down, but if not, entire troops and buildings will burn.

The damage dealt can be devastating. The Balloon card is typically used in damage-dealing combinations especially when paired with powerful cards like Goblin Barrels and Lumberjacks. 

2. Hog Rider

This rare card is a fast-acting melee troop that targets buildings while dishing out high amounts of damage. Additionally, Hog Rider can jump over rivers and is immune to ground-attacking enemies. Typically, if you’re employing Hog Rider in your strategy, you would want to pair them up with the Earthquake card or the Wizard card.

The Hog Rider is vulnerable to air attacks, so be sure to watch out for any air troops deployed by your opponent. Take them down before they can do much damage to protect your Hog Rider.

3. Valkyrie

A staple in the Clash Royale card arsenal, Valkyrie is a melee troop that causes high damage to multiple enemies within her range. Her technique is to spin her axe around her and damage any ground enemies within the area, taking them out swiftly.

She is best on defence as her movements can be slow but she has a high health to elixir ratio. Her card is a great counter for Royal Recruits and Guards. You can further strengthen her position with a Princess Tower if you have one.

4. Mighty Miner

One of the most sought-after cards in Clash Royale, the Mighty Miner lives up to its name. He is a single-target melee troop card with a high damage output that increases over time. This card is a Champion card, so it will stay out of your cycle until it is destroyed by the opponent.

The Mighty Miner digs a hole underground in the direction opposite of where it is placed and drops a bomb which explodes with minor delay. This bomb affects both ground and air units, knocking them back and causing damage. He’s good for shredding through tanks as he has a high-health pool.

5. Cannon Cart

The Cannon Cart is a single-target medium-range troop card that targets foes on the ground. It becomes a building for 30 seconds as soon as its shield is gone. It is best to place the Cannon Cart behind a tank or high-hitting troops like the Giant. Although, you might want to also bring in some troops to protect you as this combination is typically vulnerable to swarms.

Furthermore, the Cannon Cart can survive being hit once by a Fireball and a Mini P.E.K.K.A at equal levels. Typically, the Cannon Cart is good to be deployed when the opponent has one Princess Tower already destroyed. 

6. Witch

The Witch card is a medium-ranged troop card that deals area damage to enemies that are within her range. She is one of the most useful cards to always have on hand in your deck. Her damage outputs and hitpoints may be medium, but a well-placed witch could buy you time and save you in tight situations.

She works best in combination with cards that target buildings like Golems and P.E.K.K.A.s. Be sure to place her in the back though as that’s where she works best, protected by the front lines from enemies.

7. Barbarian Barrel

This card is an area damage spell card that unleashes a barrel of Barbarians across the arena. The barrel will damage buildings and enemies in its path, then break free to release a Barbarian to attack whatever that is in his way.

The Barbarian Barrel is a great card as it only costs 2 Elixir to deploy and the Barbarian will still fight to the death. This card is a great counter against lone support cards like Wizard, Witch and Musketeer, especially if you have a Princess Tower to aid you.

8. Skeleton King

The Skeleton King card allows for area damage as he is a melee troop card that can spawn Skeletons to fight for him. He has high hitpoints and decent damage with immunity from any knockbacks aside from attacks by the Log and Monk. 

Additionally, any troops that get defeated on the field will be collected as souls and respawned as skeletons. The number of skeletons depends on the number of souls he has collected. You can activate this ability with a button on the right-hand side of the screen. It’s safe to say that this card is one of the best to have in your deck.

9. Fireball

Another area damage spell card with high damage set within a medium range, the Fireball is great to incinerate small troops in a blink of an eye. The thing about launching a Fireball is that there is a travel time delay. Hence, be sure to time it properly or you won’t be able to hit any troops at all.

It is a great card to finish off any weakened enemies or small troops though. Be sure to combine the might of the Fireball with cards like Zap and The Log to enhance the damage and defeat everyone on the field with ease.

10. Baby Dragon

Not only is the Baby Dragon adorable, but it is also one of the most beloved cards in Clash Royale. With good reason too. The Baby Dragon is a flying card that inflicts short-ranged area damage to its enemies. This card can help as a support for tanks like the Giant and Giant Skeleton as they deal more damage on the field.

The Baby Dragon can be a little squishy though as it takes several hits to defeat. So be sure to release it at the right moment when your enemy is preoccupied. Aside from that, it is great for attacking ground troops that cannot damage it at all from below. 

With these ten best cards at your disposal, victory in Clash Royale is within your grasp. Equipped with this knowledge, assemble your ultimate deck and prepare to conquer your opponents with strategic brilliance and unmatched power!


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