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10 best Alternatives and Similar sites to Orcpub

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Orcpub was one of the popular websites that act as suitable tools for gaming sites like Dungeons and Dragons. But on 22nd February 2020, Orcpub shut down due to legal issues. 

But Orcpub down left its fans in search of other alternative or Orcpub replacement apps that could provide the same features and experience as in Orcpub.

If you were looking for such replacement apps or alternative apps for Orcpub, then you have landed at the right place. This guide is designed with the top 10 best Orcpub alternatives.

Top 10 Best Orcpub Alternatives:-

D&D beyond 

D&D Beyond is the official toolset for Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition. It is available free of cost and also available as a premium version. This website is renewed regularly which gives users an updated stock always. The only disadvantage you could find here is that if you want to access all tools then you need to purchase premium memberships unlike Orcpub being free of cost.

Beyond Tabletop

Beyond Tabletop is one of the best alternatives for Orcpub as it provides a free platform with easy access and use. New players would find this website more suitable as it has a manageable and easily accessible design. You might lack good quality for audio and visual experience but it is a must-try website in replacement of Orcpub.


The highlight feature of Roll20 is that it provides its users with a platform to text, chat, voice chat, and video call on Google hangout integration. It is a browser-based gaming website that increases the range of its fan following. This app is only available on Windows and Mac and can’t be found on Linux.

Adventurer’s Codex

Adventurer’s codex visuals and audio experience make its users stick to this website. It gives amazing audio and video quality with being the fifth edition gaming system of Dungeons and Dragons for characters, campaigns, and parties. It is not available on Mobile phones or tablets but you can access them through an operating system like Windows.


Talespire provides an online role-playing feature for multiple players. Because of this feature players can play games with multiple players at the same time. Here you can join with your friends and family and play games along with them. It is a paid website so you can’t use it as open source. 

Hero Lab

Hero Lab is also one of the good replacements for Orcpub as it is a user-friendly website where you are given the option to customize your character from a basic level. It is available in Mac and Windows so it gives portable access to their users.


Rolisteam provides some special features like sharing maps and pictures between the players. It is a free-of-cost website that opens plenty of premium tools free of cost. It is available on all possible platforms such as Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Aurora Builder

Aurora Builder allows you to customize your gaming at a basic level and all the tools and functions are available free of cost that ignites the crowd on this app. It is available on windows and it is an open-source website.


PlanarAlly is a free online gaming website that is a self-hosting site that comes with an offline support system. It is an open-source website that is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux websites.


This website is also an open-source website that is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It might take longer than other websites but this website makes games more interesting, intense, and fun with its ultimate sound and video quality.


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