10 Amazing Black Rhodium Plated Rings Ideas

Platinum Wedding Bands With Black Rhodium

A lot goes into picking the best wedding ring because there is more to metal than color. Choosing between white gold, rhodium-plated, or sterling silver is not easy. Although they all share a silver color appearance, what sets them apart is the cost, luster, and durability. Platinum wedding bands with black rhodium are great options because of their high-quality and stylish appearance. Rhodium-plated jewelry also works well in making necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Rhodium is not only durable and stylish looking, but it also illuminates surrounding gemstones and protects the ring from hard knocks. If you are looking for that extra sparkle in a wedding ring, then rhodium will give exactly that and more. Before we give you a list of the best black rhodium rings, let’s define what rhodium is. 

What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is a precious metal that is used for making jewelry. Of all the precious metals used in making jewelry, rhodium is the whitest, although it also comes in black. Compared to gold and platinum, rhodium is the rarest metal. Rhodium is typically extracted in platinum mines as a by-product but can also be found on its own. Rhodium belongs to the platinum group of metals. Some of the metals in this group include Ruthenium, Osmium, Iridium, Platinum, and Palladium. 

What are rhodium plated rings? 

These are rings made from the base metal of either silver, gold, or other metals and coated with a thin layer of rhodium. This gives a ring that extra protection and luster. Jewelry that is covered with rhodium is more durable and shinier than other metals. Not only does rhodium help jewelry to retain its luster, but it also doesn’t corrode dent or scratch that is why it is used to design platinum wedding bands with black rhodium. 

18 Karat White Gold & Gray Rose Cut Diamond Ring 

For those looking for that gorgeous diamond wedding ring, the gray rose cut diamond Rhodium-plated ring is the real deal. It is made up of a mystical gray rose-cut diamond surrounded by small bright white diamonds along the borders, set with massive prongs. The dramatic look becomes even more beautiful and amazing due to the outer edge of delightful mil grain detail. 

18k White Gold Art Deco Style Rose Cut Gray Diamond Engagement Ring 

This lovely-looking engagement ring consists of a black rhodium-plated white gold ring with a diamond stone. The dark metal setting matches perfectly with the brooding gray center diamond. The ring is made even more beautiful with the notched edges and accent diamonds. 

Sterling Silver KESHI Pearl & Diamond Floral Cocktail Ring  

The primary color in this pearl t and diamond ring is provided by the white Keshi pearls. The fantastic dimension brought about by the oxidized silver displays a beautiful contrast. The resemblance of the flower petal design is enhanced by the diamonds layered in the center.

Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Ring with Multi-cut Diamonds  

This stylish wedding band is made up of oxidized silver with a clean matte look. Around it is a set of multiple-cut bezel diamonds that gives it a chaotic look. This platinum wedding band with black rhodium is perfect for weddings and engagements. An interesting feel is created by the safe touch of yellow gold combined with the black and white contrast. 

Black Rhodium Diamond Band in 14k White Gold

If the wedding bells have sounded, what is left is to pick the perfect wedding band. What could be more special than this black rhodium diamond band made from a 14k white gold metal? Its simplicity of shared bead setting should not fool you. It has a fantastic look that is brought by the black diamonds that are held back by the black rhodium-plated prongs. This beautiful wedding band tops it all in making everything perfect on this auspicious occasion. 

Sterling Silver Cut Diamonds Modern Earrings 

These beautiful-looking star-shaped earrings have also utilized the white and black contrast giving them that stunning look that you are looking for in a glorious wedding. A superb-looking trail down the sides is displayed by the dark patina of the silver. If you are looking for the perfect accessory earrings to match your dark necklace or rings, this pair is perfect. 

14K White Gold with Single Cut Diamonds   

This beautiful wedding ring made from white gold and plated with black rhodium is a sight to behold. The diamonds make it even more stunning, coupled with a gorgeous patina darkening the gold and silver. This is the kind of piece you need to save for an extraordinary occasion such as a wedding or an engagement. Break the norm with this black ring that will make you the envy of the party. 

Sterling Silver Modern Earrings with Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds  

The brilliance in this pair of stud earrings comes from round brilliant cut diamonds combined with oxidized silver. The dark look is accentuated by the shared bead setting of the dark chocolaty diamonds. If you want to make heads turn on any special occasion, you can count on these beautiful pairs of black rhodium-plated earrings.

Sterling Silver Round Earrings with Brilliant Cut Diamonds  

Black rhodium-plated earrings always steal the show in any event. It could be your wedding, engagement, or a simple birthday celebration. The oxidized silver is what gives this pair that gorgeous look. The large teardrop shape is amplified by the dark color palette. Although the overall design is relatively rigid, there is a bit of movement at the post and the hinge. If you are looking for a compromise between a unique variance and a classic look, this jewelry piece will work out great. 

Antique 18K Rose Gold & Sterling Silver Earrings

What makes these earrings stand out is that they come from a transitional period. You can tell from its art deco and the Art Nouveau, making them beautiful regardless of their destination. Their old European cut diamonds style is quite obvious and is what makes it rich in heritage. You can’t go wrong with this pair if you want to look unique on social occasions. 


What makes platinum wedding bands with black rhodium plated jewelry pieces unique on all occasions is that they are always shiny, and they never get dents or scratches, nor do they succumb to corrosion. With these rhodium-coated pieces, you can admire and wear your jewelry in many years to come. 

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